Conn classrooms include our 750-acre Arboretum.

From the very beginning of the course you will be able to draw on exceptional resources and opportunities, such as the , the , and – our outreach and education programme.

All application fees are paid online through UCAS conservatoires.

I can remember decades ago in high school when I first began dancing in front of an audience...

All late applications are subject to an additional fee of £10.

New London is a great place to catch some sun in the spring, summer and fall. Ocean Beach is just a quick trip across town and the boardwalk has shops, snacks and games.

Admissions and general audition enquiries

Muddy Waters Cafe is a favorite New London gathering place for members of the College community. Other places to find familiar faces include Bean & Leaf, Washington Street Coffee House, and Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock.

Advancing dialogue and justice across disciplines, boundaries and borders

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to program start date.

If you require a visa to study at the RCM, you must meet the English language requirements before the RCM is permitted to sponsor your visa application.

Below are optional forms for students and their parents to complete.

Applications are made through UCAS Conservatoires, where you can apply simultaneously to all the institutions that are members of Conservatoires UK. You can track your application, find out when your audition is and get the results of your audition all on UCAS Conservatoires. You can also confirm your decisions online.

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to program start date.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate that their level of English language ability meets the Royal College of Music’s minimum requirements in order for their application to be accepted.

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to program start date.

Using UCAS Conservatoires incurs a £25 administration fee. This is in addition to our application fees. You cannot use another system. Both the application and administration fees are paid online through UCAS Conservatoires. If you encounter any problems with their payment system please .

Everything you learn and do at Conn prepares you for our interconnected world.

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RCM students enjoy a wide variety of performance opportunities including orchestral and choral projects, chamber music and solo opportunities, performance in jazz and historical instrument ensembles. The RCM runs a busy events calendar more than 500 events every year, the vast majority of which feature RCM students.

Prepare to be pulled in. Get ready to go places. Anticipate enlightenment. Meet Connections.

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Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #pelicanwatersmart. Tag @pelicanwatersystems in the caption of the photo. Include a 1-2 sentence caption answering the question listed at the website.

An animated bio-pic with a live musical score. A queer punk coming-of-age tale.

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to program start date.

Applicants interested in second study, joint principal study or alternative study are reminded to submit only one application. If you submit two applications you will be charged twice.