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Evans, J. W., Fossella, J., Hampson, E., Kirschbaum, C., & Diamond, A. (2009, May). Gender differences in the cognitive functions sensitive to the level of dopamine in prefrontal cortex. Presented at the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

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Environmental Studies, Public Health, Engineering etc.

Diamond, A. (Nov. 1, 2006). How children think. Invited presentation, Mini-Med School Series (MMS) of the Child and Family Research Institute, Vancouver, BC. Continuing Education credits provided.

Crabiel, National Merit Scholar, Fulbright etc.

Diamond, A. (Nov. 3, 2006). Genes that affect dopamine (COMT, DAT1, and DRD4): Gender differences and disorder differences. Invited TGIF talk, Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, BC Children and Women’s Health Centre, Vancouver, BC.

Environmental Eng, Law, Communications, Computer Science, Writing Studies, English etc.

(as of 04 Oct., 2017: 22,296 citations; h-index: 58)

Bichin, M., Chau, C.M.Y., Ranger, M., Miller, S.P., Diamond, A., Garg, A., Beg, M.F., Fitzpatrick, K., Bjornson, B., Synnes, A.R., & Grunau, R.E. (Sept. 20, 2015). Interaction of neonatal pain-related stress and regional brain cortical thickness associated with executive function in children born very preterm at 8 years. Poster presented at the Brain Development Conference, Ottawa, ON.

- 2nd top-rated paper in the journal in 2016

Bichin, M., Chau, C. M. Y., Ranger, M., Miller, S. P., Garg, A., Beg, M. F., Fitzpatrick, K., Bjornson, B., Diamond, A., Synnes, A. R., & Grunau, R. E. (May 25, 2016). Early pain exposure and region specific brain cortical thickness interact to predict executive function at 8 yrs in children born very preterm. Poster presented at the Canadian Pain Society Meeting, Vancouver, BC.

- The figure for the model of EFs appears in :

Balce, K., Ling, D.S., Murray, C., Weiss, M. & Diamond, A. (March 22, 2017). The optimal dose of psychostimulants for the behavioral problems in ADHD appears to be too high to help the cognitive problems. Presentation by Kristina Balce. UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Physician, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine etc.

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Diamond, A. (Oct. 25, 2013). Want excellent academic achievement? Simple, just nourish the human spirit. Invited talk, 13th International Meeting in Preschool and Early Education, Monterrey, Mexico. Continuing Education credit provided.

What Diamond’s team is now investigating just might change the standard of care for ADHD:

• Enthused with applying what I have learned.

Diamond, A. (April 20, 2015). The critical role of executive functions in children and teens. Invited all-day (5-hour) workshop, 4th Annual Grand Erie District School Board Professional Student Services Personnel Conference, Brantford, ON. Continuing Education credit provided.

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Davis, J.L., Agans, J.P., Vazou, S., Jarus, T., & Diamond, A. (August, 2014). The results are IN! from the Circus & ME: AYCO Youth Circus Study. Poster presented at the Biennial Conference of American Circus Educators (AYCO), Montreal, QC.