Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) Approx. Duration: 34 minutes

Awakening of Cheerful Feelings upon Arrival in the Country: Allegro ma non troppo
Scene by the Brook: Andante molto mosso
Merry Gathering of Country Folk: Allegro
Thunderstorm: Allegro
Shepherd’s Song: Happy and Thankful Feelings after the Storm: Allegretto

Concerto in D major for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 35 (1878)

Allegro moderatoCanzonetta: AndanteFinale: Allegro vivacissimo

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Wilhelm Gericke was born in Schwanberg, Austria about 30 km south of Graz on May 18, 1845. His family was not musical, yet he showed an early musical aptitude. Wilhelm Gericke entered the Vienna Conservatory at age 16 and studied conducting with Felix Otto Dessoff (1835-1892 and friend of Brahms) and piano under Julius Epstein (1832-1926) during 1862-1865. Epstein, who outlived his pupil Gericke, was instrumental in recommending to Henry Lee Higginson two Boston Symphony conductors: Gericke and Nikisch. Wilhelm Gericke’s early experience was gained by conducting opera at regional opera houses, a typical development path for conductors in Europe at that time. Following graduation in 1865, Gericke joined the Linz Opera, where he was Kapellmeister until Spring, 1874. The conducting talent early demonstrated by Gericke lead to his appointment in 1874 as assistant conductor under Wilhelm Jahn (1835-1900), Music Director of the Vienna Hofoper, as the Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) was known at that time. In 1880, Wilhelm Gericke was selected as conductor of the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (the Friends of Music or ‘Musikverein’) 44. In October, 1884, Henry Lee Higginson heard Gericke conduct Aida at the Vienna Opera, and asked his friend Julius Epstein, also of course Gericke’s teacher, if Gericke would come to Boston. Epstein was doubtful, but Gericke immediately agreed 45. It seems that Gericke had been in a dispute with the Music Director Jahn 46, which may well have influenced Gericke’s decision. After gaining Gericke's agreement in October 1884, Higginson quickly arranged for Gericke to come to Boston to assume the director position starting the season in November, 1884.

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Winner of the 2014 Solti Conducting Award, Cristian Măcelaru has established himself as one of the fast-rising stars of the conducting world. With every concert he displays an exciting and highly regarded presence, thoughtful interpretations and energetic conviction on the podium. Mr. Măcelaru came to public attention in February 2012 when he conducted the Chicago Symphony as a replacement for Pierre Boulez in performances met with critical acclaim. Since his Chicago debut, he has conducted that orchestra on subscription in three consecutive seasons. The Chicago Sun-Times exclaimed: “Măcelaru is the real thing, displaying confidence without arrogance and offering expressiveness without excess demonstration.”

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Approx. Duration: 40 minutes

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Analogy- The taste of curry, weak or strong, is natural in an Indian restaurant, and something to look forward to, but what if (even a little) curry was in everything, all the time? A person may eventually curse the day they first tasted it.

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I strongly feel that it is always useful, and informative, to have "References" and "Standards". It is an ideal (and target) for all the others to aim for, and it also provides the readers with the important knowledge and understanding of where the reviewer actually stands, and what his or her ultimate values really are.

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It must be first noted that neither of these LPs is "demanding", in the sense that a Mahler symphony would be, since they're both "light Jazz", so the difference in power of the two amps was irrelevant. Also, I didn't intend to compare the recording quality of these two records, it just ended up happening because of the totally unexpected initial results. It all started innocently...

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- A listing of all the Musicians of the Boston Symphony from its creation in 1881 until today. This list includes the names, location and date of birth and death, instruments, positions and dates of service of all known full-time Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians. To go to this list of all BSO musicians, click: