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Let me close by gesturing, ever so humbly, in the direction of this new humility. Shortly before I died, I was approached by an editor regarding the question of a uniform, collected edition of Max Beerbohm. I wrote in reply: “People have tried to make a success of me. It cannot be done.”

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Something different for me, a collection of essays. Max Beerbohm was soothing in his writing even though there was a biting quality at times. The essays were set in the first decade of 1900 England; there were many fresh observations, clever quips and insights into humanity.

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This is a diverse collection of essays by English writer Max Beerbohm, whose circle included such notables as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Ezra Pound, and Somerset Maugham. Much of Beerbohm's work was humorous, including parodies of various aspects of the upper class life into which he was born.

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Max’s first collection of essays and articles was titled The Works of Max Beerbohm, which is just wonderful. This collection, published when he was middle-aged, is often considered his best. It is very good. Less biting, perhaps, than some of his earlier writing, it is still frequently hilarious...

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