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Eric Schmidt now says Google thought about buying a newspaper but rejected the idea as "crossing the line" between technology and content. The real message for newspaper hacks: You're just not profitable. Compared with, say, TV and movies.

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Maureen Dowd - The New York Times

He has a common-sense position on NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem: “I think they ought to find a different way to object, to demonstrate. I would rather see all the players stand during the American anthem.”

David Axelrod: New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd …

And he’s skeptical of the Russian narrative: “I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes.”

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Maureen dowd essays - Doing your literature review

What happens when the prim self-satisfaction of New York's media elite meets the smug hubris of Silicon Valley's unblinking technocrats? Why, a Maureen Dowd profile of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, that's what happens.

Science Essays - The New York Times

He is forthright about the media’s anti-Trump frenzy: “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about. I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.”

Soothsayer in the Hills Sees Silicon Valley’s Sinister Side

Google's G1 is the biggest enemy of Apple's iPhone. And Apple is making a big push into the Web. So it's totally hunky-dory that Google and Apple share board members, right? Wrong, say antitrust cops.

From Katrina to Fallujah, we're less the Shining City Upon a Hill than the House of Broken Toys.

Maureen Dowd Rhetorical Analysis Essay - 859 Words

Once we had Howard Baker, who went against self-interest for the common good. Now we have Ted Cruz. Once we had Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner whose fortitude in a Japanese POW camp was chronicled in Laura Hillenbrand's book "Unbroken." Now we've broken Iraq, liberating it to be a draconian state run on Sharia law, full of America-hating jihadists who were too brutal even for al-Qaida.

For the first time perhaps, hope is not as much a characteristic of American feelings.

Maureen Dowd’s Catholic Problem - National Review

Google's CEO was once thought to be quite serious about Marcy Simon; Eric Schmidt's sometime PR consultant was spotted wearing an engagement ring. Then, a breakup and talk of another woman. But the pair have reportedly reached a new accommodation.

And that creates what Haass calls a tension between "dysfunctional America vs. innovative America."

Trump Lashes Out at ‘Neurotic Dope’ Maureen Dowd: ..

I’m not really serious about that, but , who — perhaps because he is angling to be some sort of emissary to North Korea (a very bad idea) — issues forth with opinions we don’t often hear from Democrats.