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Gradually, we can take steps towards thebetterment of human treatment of animals, and maybe all of these horrific storiesof animal abuse that occur in our lifetime will one day be told to futuregenerations as tales about a civilization that used to exist which was comprisedof humans consumed by greed and capable of committing satanic acts of crueltyonto all other living species;whowere insensitive to the extent of engaging in the killing of animals and calledit a "sport".Maybe one day, humans will realize that animals that inhabit this planet ofours got here by the will of God, just as we, human-animals, did.So, consider this essay to be a very modest attempt to call your attention to somesimple ways by which you may contribute to the welfare of animals.“Injustice anywhere is a threatto justice everywhere. To ignore evil is to become an accomplice toit.” Martin Luther King As sad as the topicof cruelty to animals is, there is an important and positive side to reportingon it.

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Articles récents. Essay about mom and dad; The NFL general manager, along with his staff, must decide which prospects the team should select in the annual April dr

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