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That educator is Lucy McCormick Calkins, the visionary founding director of Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Begun in 1981, the think tank and teacher training institute has since trained hundreds of thousands of educators across the country. Calkins is one of the original architects of the “workshop” approach to teaching writing to children, which holds that writing is a process, with distinct phases, and that all children, not just those with innate talent, can learn to write well. She is author of some 20 books, including the best-selling The Art of Teaching Writing (250,000 sold). According to the project web site, books by its leaders are “widely regarded as foundational to language arts education throughout the English-speaking world.”

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I follow The Units of Study writing curriculum by-Lucy Calkins

Lucy Calkins designed a lesson at the end of each unit where students have the opportunity to celebrate what they have accomplished so far.
The instruction for Lucy Calkins’ writing workshop is very detailed.

Lucy Calkins Writing Lesson Unit 6 | Poetry | Classroom

Critiques INstruction Best Practices
in Literacy Instruction Students are always writing because they are given adequate time to apply newly learned skills and practice ones they have already been exposed to
Teaches all steps of the writing process: Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing
Students are immersed in genre studies: Narratives, Poetry, Non-Fiction
Students can write about their own lives (what they know)
The program creates authentic purpose: Allows for children to learn writing skills and strategies from mentor texts, recognize sight words, expand vocabulary
Students are able to share their work Critiques Assessment Ways Units of Study Supports A Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Critiques
Capitalizes on students' cultural backgrounds
Challenges students to develop higher- order knowledge and skills
Connects to child's real life
Utilizes a variety of learning strategies: Cooperative & Whole Language
Supports diverse learning styles Lucy Calkins curriculum is laid out in unit form.

Lucy Calkins Writing Lesson Unit 6
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