Julius Caesar was written in 1599, near the end of the Queen’s reign.

1597. Shakespeare buys the New Place, one of Stratford’s most preeminent homes. This fuels speculation today by some academics that William was really a successful businessman and not literature’s celebrated playwright.

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Thanks to William Shakespeare, most people know that he was betrayed and killed by his friends.

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar utilizes similar methods....

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is based on an historical event- the assassination of Julius Caesar; however, the story revolves around the conspirators, not Caesar....

Julius Caesar E-Text contains the full text of Julius Caesar

He is only in a small portion of the play and does not possess a major tragic flaw; however Marcus Brutus fits the description of tragic hero much better than Julius Caesar.

This happened in 44 BC when Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators....

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Marcus Brutus, and Julius Caesar, display all the qualities of the `tragic hero': they are great men, with character flaws, and as a result of a mistake in decision-making many people suffer.

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By portraying the qualities of honorable Brutus, William Shakespeare, in his tragedy Julius Caesar, proves that anyone with good intentions, nobility, and the ability to recognize flaws can be a true hero.

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Though the fall of Caesar from the most powerful man in the world to a man who's been betrayed and stabbed 30 times is a great downfall, he is not the tragic hero....

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The play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, provides a good example to how the quote is shown to be accurate." The calamities of tragedy do not simply happen, nor are they sent [by the gods]: they proceed mainly from actions, and those actions of men." This statement is profoundly proven through the past and present actions of the conspirators throughout the play.

This quote can be assimilates to Brutus in Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar.

That is the story of Julius Caesar.

Negatively speaking, Julius Caesar’s ways of having most of the power and deciding not to listen to others except the ones that only tell him things he likes to hear, drove the power-hungary conspirators and the honorable Brutus to take his life away.

His love for Rome led to him helping someone murder Julius Caesar, his leader.

An excellent example of this clash is in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

1564. William Shakespeare is born in Stratford upon Avon to local tanner John and Mary Shakespeare. His actual birthday is unknown but assumed and celebrated today on April the 23rd, just three days before his baptism was recorded in the Parish register of the Holy Trinity Church on April the 26th.

Many examples of fidelity are illustrated in the characters of Julius Caesar.


In his play Julius Caesar Shakespeare writes of the treacherous conspirators, Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius, and their plans to assassinate their Roman leader, Julius Caesar.