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Here Joyce may be referring to hissister Poppie, who took care of their mother in her final illness, as wellas to his mother, who had taken care of her husband's mother.

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James Joyce in his mid-twenties at the time he wrote the short story, “The Dead.”

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the dream recollection of the ghost, however, Stephen's mind continues the process: the im Joyce'schoice of naturalistic detail and his ironic determination transform the Paris 'impression 8 jamesJOyce's ulysses Haines's silly piece...

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TheDead," byJamesJoyce. The author considers the short story as an ideal text which can help students achieve the desired learning outcome. The author relates her teaching experience using ... "> An essay is presented on the short story "TheDead," byJamesJoyce. The author considers the short story as an ideal text which can help students achieve the desired learning outcome. The author relates her teaching experience using ...

However, Joyce continues on with a significant encounter of the dead Michael Furey that uncovers a side Gabriel has never recognized of himself....

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Some Joyceans consider that, in choosing a great andheroic Greek epic, The Odyssey, as the subtext of his Ulysses, Joyce'sintent is to highlight and throw into contrast the nobility of Odysseusand the Greeks when placed opposite the pettiness of the concerns ofLeopold Bloom and the citizens of Dublin.

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At the time of the writing of "The Dead," Joyce and Nora were down and outin Rome, and Gabriel's speech might well reflect Joyce's own homesicknessfor Irish hospitality, as well as sad memories about his family and thedeath of his mother.

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(Those three "yes"s are bound to call to mind the final words of Joyce'sUlysses, which was not written until more than a decade later.)
Joyce calls attention to the striking contrast between the youthful voiceand the aged face of the singer.

The Dead Poets Society has many important themes and messages, which should be considered in one’s daily life.

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This has been a puzzlefor Joyceans, since the character as well as the sometimes sentimental andalways adventurous aspects of the novel seem to have no connection to Joyce'sstory (other than a descriptive paragraph quoted below); the titlecharacter of Harte's novel is a robust outdoorsman, a California Sierra's gold miner whobecomes rich and who is embroiled in all manner of complications withwomen.

Following the other Dublin stories with their critical views of Dublin,Joyce's homesickness is here expressed with sincerity and generosity.

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Set against the backdrop of a country struggling to define itself, 'The Dead' tells the tale of a Christmas gathering in Dublin at which Gabriel Conroy, nephew of the hostesses, must make a speech. A story in which little is explicitly endorsed, but much is suggested, love and loss intertwine in the concluding paragraphs as snow falls faintly over all of Ireland. Joyce’s masterful prose moves from the arresting purity of dialogue to the elegiac symbolism of Gabriel’s strangely consoling epiphany.

Browne gets his name from an actualprotestant professor of music named Mervyn Archdall Browne; he was marriedto a first cousin of Joyce's mother.

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This is from Bellini's I Puritani di Scozia (The Puritan, 1835, performedin Dublin in 1837, based on Sir Walter Scott's Old Mortality); the wordsare by George Linley, using music from the Bellini opera, and it is a ratherflowery and melodramatic English adaptation of an Act I song, "A Chapletof Roses." Many consider that Joyce could have been a professional singer,as he had a fine tenor voice (though he could not read music).