JM Barrie's Peter Pan … | Thesis

-Originally appearing in 2 plays, was later adapted to a novel
-Adapted to the big screen by Disney in 1953
The Story
-Peter Pan takes Wendy and her brothers to Neverland
-They see a wide array of wonders and oddities such as "The Lost Boys", Native American tribes, a band of pirates lead by Captain Hook, and even mermaids
Sexism: Tinkerbell
-"Too" short dress
-Seen as manipulative
-Irrational, prone to jealousy
-An opposite/rival to Wendy (motherly character) painting her as a "whore"
Sexism: Wendy
-Seen as the "motherly" character
-Forced to cater to the boys wishes, not allowed to have fun or play
-Her and Tinkerbell pain the two sides to femininity portrayed; the mother and the whore
Sexism: Mermaids
-Highly sexualized
-Shown to attempt to kill Wendy out of jealousy
-Fawn over Peter
Racism: Native Americans
-The stereotyped dancing, way of speech, personalities, etc.
-Seen as lesser than the white characters, referred to as "savages"
-Less than PC language; "red man", "the red skins", etc.
Notable Characters
-Native Americans
Sexism: Tiger Lily
-Silent character
-Only plays damsel in distress role and acts as an arm piece for Peter to heighten other females jealousy
Racism and Sexism Within Peter Pan
Sexism: Peter
-Treats women as arm pieces or mothers only
-Many sexists lines such as "Women talk too much"
-Treats women with disrespect, but they still fawn for him

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I hate to say it but I think their message of “All You Need is Love” had been already written in Peter Pan, by J.M Barrie.)

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