Priestley An Inspector Calls, by J.B.

Essentially Priestley uses biased representations of capitalism, and socialism, reflected with Birling, and inspector Goole, to prepare the reader for his conclusive message....

Priestley An inspector call is a play written by JB Priestly in 1945.

The play “An Inspector Calls” written by J.B Priestley is set in 1912.

The play “An Inspector Calls” was written by J.B Priestly.

J B Priestley wrote An Inspector Calls after the First World War and like much of his work contains controversial, politically charged messages.

'An Inspector calls' was written by J.B.

Using your iPad research the following essay terms
- Topic Sentence
- Thesis Statement
- Critical Thinking
Writing an essay
Task: You are to write a timed, in-class essay on the
play An Inspector Calls.

An Inspector calls is a murder mystery set in Edwardian England, just before the First World War.

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Learning Outcome
An Inspector calls - Introduction
What we are doing:
Today you will conduct a small research project on the drama text 'An Inspector Calls'.

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How does J.B Priestly use the Inspector to make the Birling family aware of their responsibilities to individuals such as Eva Smith and how successful is he.

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Essay Writing
Learning Objective: Show ability to write an essay with confidence that assesses your understanding of the opening sequence and the social/historical influences of
An Inspector Calls
Crawley vs Birling
Now that you have watched a clip of Downton Abbey you are to compare the Crawley family (Downton Abbey) to what you know about the Birling family (An Inspector Calls).
In your books write down any similarities and differences that you noticed between the two families.
Also comment on the visual representation of Edwardian society; what do you notice about it?

Priestley's An Inspector Calls ‘An Inspector Calls’ is a play written by J.B.

An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J

Priestley's "An Inspector Calls" "An Inspector Calls" is a politics based detective play script written by John Bonyton Priestley, or better know as J.B Priestley.

We are responsible for each other." What is Priestley's main aim in `An inspector calls`.

“An Inspector Calls” By J B Priestley Essay Example for

Priestley's An Inspector Calls using these supportive resourcesFrom character-analysis tasks to contextual information to study booklets, we've picked some of the very best resources to help your students get to grips with the key themes and characters.

J.B Priestleys stage directions describes the inspectors appearanceand manner very detailed.

The Theme of Guilt in An Inspector Calls, a Play by J

An Inspector Calls

Stage Directions
An Inspector Calls is all about social class and responsibility, but in doing so contrasts are used to demonstrate this.

Some examples of this contrast within the Birling family are:

Mr Birling and the Inspector
Sheila & Eric and Gerald
Mrs Birling and Sheila

Stage directions are also important points of contrast.
Contrasts in
An Inspector Calls

Priestley uses contrasts to show the differences between people in terms of class, gender and even age.

Whether through the words used by different characters or the stage directions to give the audience an abstract impression of how the situation has changed, Priestley does this effectively and cleverly for everyone in the play.
Clear sense of right and wrong
Lack of Patience for Upper Class People who Ignore the Lower Classes
Imposing Figure