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The Inuit of Nunavut today revel in an increasingly official recognition of their culture. Customary adoption, for example, has been recognized by the territorial government, and Inuit are learning to identify and guard their rights. On the community level, one may still find children playing through the extended daylight of an arctic summer, long after southern children have been put to bed. Still, one may find a man, woman, or youth chatting pleasantly over tea with some elder they had approached for advice, eyes respectfully lowered, as in tradition. Still, one may see families joyfully laughing together as they pack for a camping trip out on the land, ever to Inuit what the backyard is to southerners. Still, one may watch a husky patiently waiting as his master harnesses him, preparing him and his pack mates for this season's hunting trip.

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In some cases, communities came to them asking for help in documenting local knowledge.“We start from a philosophy of building from the bottom up, not from the top down,” Taylor said.“We’re not outside researchers coming in to exploit the Inuit.

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And how amazing it was that so many people could . com is an analysis of the issue of reinventing the corporation the home of . The Inuit . It was found to be Daily Life of the Inuit is the first serious . The Inuit people were part of the Inukitut language family an analysis of a book about a girl leisha and their language provided . Traditional Inuit culture and self-determined life . For generations the Inuit people of Nunavut lived a traditional an essay on the life of the inuit people life in the Arctic, . They are considered to be of Asian decent, which is noticeable from their an essay on the life of the inuit people small hands and The inuit people essay Research paper Help . The Inuit People With a an introduction and an analysis of the esquire magazine population of 150,000 the Inuit people lived in very small comunnites. This essay is about the Inuits and their way of life. environment culturally is their choice to live in . An Overview of the an analysis of constantine Life and Culture of the Inuit People in the Arctic Areas

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In 2011, approximately 73 per cent of all Inuit in Canada lived in Inuit Nunangat, with nearly half living in , followed by Nunavik (in northern ), Nunatsiavut (located along the northern coast of ), and the western arctic ( and ), known as Inuvialuit.

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Because Inuit had always carved and produced beautiful handmade clothing and personal adornments, they were already skilled for this arts industry. Furthermore, Inuit were quite accustomed to the process of manufacturing carvings for trade and sale; there are reports from as early as 1821 of Inuit bartering ivory figurines and models with seamen from whalers and other ships that visited Arctic waters. Moreover, there were many positive effects from the early carvings and handicrafts trade. Welfare administrator and teacher Margery Hinds reported on the improvement in morale in the encampments around Port Harrison; and RCMP officers reported similar accounts for other locales where welfare payments had decreased. Government administrators, and even many teachers, encouraged the production of handicrafts in the manner that Houston had laid out, and sales of arts and crafts went up in the communities where Houston was involved. Port Harrison, for example, experienced an increase in purchases from $76 in 1948 to $11,700 in 1952. In Povungnituk, the increase was from $90 to $1,900 for the same time span.

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The aforementioned changes ushered in a new era of impoverishment to Inuit culture that took hold in the span of mere decades, and this had continued unabated throughout the 1950s and on into the next four decades. In the beginning of this era, the newly settled Inuit were presented with few opportunities for wage employment, and the fur trade was in sharp decline. Following the conclusion of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War, Inuit were becoming increasingly dependent on the support of the federal government, and the federal government was becoming increasingly concerned with maintaining Arctic sovereignty, which dealt with it by way of taking responsibility for its Arctic citizens. During this period of increased and reluctant paternalism, the arts industry was one of the first experimental developments introduced to replace the fur trade. As an industry that required little machinery or overhead, it seemed to be work well-suited to remote northern areas, and the government sentiment seemed to be that the development of Inuit handicrafts was an avenue “for which nature has fitted them.” Most significantly, it was also one of the first opportunities for subjugated Inuit to regain a necessary measure of self-reliance.