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made freely available to all, providing scholars and enthusiasts ready access to an unprecedented amount of information about the period and its people." is a "society for people interested in allaspects of Anglo-Saxon language and culture." is an online introduction to "an absolutebeginners" correspondence course in Old English, at.

at the University of Nevada, Reno.

It is now thought possible that boththese royal linesshared a common ancestry.

,Chapter XLII of ,an annotated summary of the Tale with notes.

In the twentieth century Angelcynn is a living history society which aims to recreate, as authentically as possible, the richness of the birth of a nation which has passed into legend and into lore." "an evergrowing resource for anybody with aninterest in Early Medieval Europe in general and Anglo-Saxon andViking Britain in particular," includes historical articles,surveys of crafts and clothing, and other research materials.

, a prose version of the story from by Maud Isabel Ebbutt (1910).

includesthe text in Old English and modern translation, with a glossary, notes on characters and historical context, and other materials;the site was "designed under the supervision of Dr.

, a prose translation by Clarence Griffin Child [PDF Format], from  at York University.

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Much of Old English poetry was probably intended to bechanted, with harp accompaniment, by the Anglo-Saxon or bard of thetimes. Often bold and strong, but also mournful and elegiac in spirit, thispoetry emphasizes the sorrow and ultimate futility of life and the helplessnessof humans before the power of fate and the natural forces. Almost all this poetryis composed without rhyme, in a characteristic line, or verse, of four stressedsyllables alternating with an indeterminate number of unstressed ones. This linestrikes strangely on ears habituated to the usual modern rythmical pattern, inwhich the rythmical unit, or theoretically consists of a constantnumber (either one or two) of unaccented syllables that always precede or followany stressed syllable. Another unfamiliar but equally striking and mostprominent feature in the formal character of Old English poetry is structuralalliteration, or the use of syllables beginning with similar sounds in two orthree of the stresses in each line.

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There is, perhaps, agood case for believing that Beowulf was composed in Suffolk, at the palaceof Rendlesham, within living memory of the great ship-burial in 625AD."
"a new critical electronic edition of the text, based on an examination of the original MS,with supplementary texts including edited and translated by Benjamin Slade,Johns Hopkins University." Old English text, English and German translations,introduction, glossary, links.

page, a comprehensive site for "people who are just starting to learn about .

, a graphicnovel by Gareth Hinds based on the Francis B.

comes from the OLDENGLISH or ANGLO-SAXON Literary and Historical period of what was then ancientBritannia. This period of Old English extends from about 450 to 1066, the year ofthe Norman-French conquest of England led by William of Normandy (later to beknown as William the Conqueror). The Germanic tribes from Europe who overranEngland in the second half of the fifth century AD, right after the Romansretreated from Britannia, brought with them the Old English, or, rather, theAngle, Saxon, and Jute interrelated tongues which combined and merged intoANGLO-SAXON, which in turn is also the basis of Modern English ( TheEnglish Language). They brought also a unique and specific poetic form andtradition, the formal character of which remained surprisingly constant until theend of their rule by the Norman-French invaders six centuries later (on September28, 10666, to be exact).

The electronic versions of  in Old English all derivefrom Oxford Text Archive text U-1936-C.

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which contains the epic of Beowulf was written about 1000 A.D.,the poem itself was known and had been elaborated upon for centuries by minstrels whorecited the heroic exploits of the son of Ecgtheow and nephew of Hygelac, King of the Geats,whose kingdom was what is now Southern Sweden."
The earliest surviving epic poem written in English, was most likely"composed in the seventh or eighthcentury, but being more precise depends on where one believesthe poem wascomposed.

David Breeden, is an online serialization of the classic tale, inunrhymed verse.

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Another feature of is the weakening of thesense of the ultimate power of arbitrary fate. The injection of the Christianidea of dependence on a just God is evident in the epic. [That feature is typicalof other Old English literature, for almost all of what survives was preserved bymonastic copyists. Most of it was actually composed by religious writers afterthe early conversion of the people from their faith in the older Germanicdivinities.]