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In the writing task 2 introduction paragraph, after paraphrasing and the thesis statement, should I state what I am going to write about in the body paragraphs. For example, “This essay will discuss xxx and xxx”.

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You should spend at least 5 mins planning your essay and all points. Then the introduction should take just a couple of minutes. Paraphrasing should be very quick for the background and the thesis should also be quick because you have planned your answer. The body paragraphs will take longer because you need to think a lot more about your grammar and use of English as well as linking.

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Your lessons are really helpfull. i will be giving IELTS GT in a weaks time. I have a doubt about the background statement in the introduction paragraph. you have clearly mentioned in your video that we need to paraphrase the essay topic and not copy it. but still will that not show as if we are lack of ideas and hence we r doing so to add lines. kindly help.

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An introductory question to an essay forces to reader to think for themselves about the essay writer’s topic. Let’s talk about an essay on depression. One can write an intro by asking questions to guide the reader on imagining what depression is.

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Hi, Liz.
First, thank you for your time to share how to write an introduction in T2.
What I am concerned about is whether such a structure for introduction also works for an essay aiming at band score of 9? assuming other parts, like contents, lexical resource and grammar are on the right track.
or band score of 9 indeed needs a hook or something really catch the eye of examiners.
Thank you!

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