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Judyth, in fact, claims to have put thirty untrue statements in the manuscript. Supposedly, ifthe manuscript is stolen, one or more of the “flags” will reveal who stole or leaked it.

Key sources on the “Judyth” storyinclude:

– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

– and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

Judyth’s inclusion of David Atlee Phillips as Oswald’s CIA “handler” apparently stems fromsomething Luis Urrea, one of her English professors, told her. Urrea had been told by SeanPhillips, nephew of David Atlee Phillips, that the latter made a deathbed confession of havingbeen Oswald’s Mexico City handler. Urrea passed that information along to Judyth, withoutnecessarily vouching for its accuracy, and was a bit surprised when it appeared in her account.

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Judyth clearly got one piece of nonsense from Haslam. She points out that Mary Sherman wasmurdered on July 21, 1964, and says this was the day “when the Warren Commission came to gether testimony. . . . They killed her the same day. You can imagine how many people wouldn’teven say a word after that.” In fact, the Warren Commission didn’t even know that MarySherman existed. She entered the world of conspiracy theorizing due to Jim Garrison’sinvestigation. Haslam pointed out the coincidence of dates in a 1996 article, and Judyth repeated it, upping the ante with a claim that the Warren Commission was going to interview Sherman.

– Yet  from Judyth,including several photos, and samplesof Judyth’s artwork.

1. Two sheets of stationery from the Reily coffee company.

I have a library of books, some of which are on display in my living room. Many moreare in boxes. My daughter, Sarah, has rummage through all my books. She or another ofmy five children even took the book Lee wrote in to school and put yellow magic markerunderscoring in it! That’s how useless I thought Lee’s handwriting would be – becausethere was no signature. I am just glad the book wasn’t lost or damaged more than it was.

3. An ink bottle Lee supposedly used to fill his fountain pen

OK, so Judyth has all the “evidence” – including things such as the “green glass” (see above)with her. But there is one class of evidence she was much less careful with.

4. A W-2 form from Reily Coffee Company

But long before that – for three and a half decades, in fact – I have never let the evidencebe out of my possession, and it has always been at my side whenever I entered or left anycountry (as an anthropologist – B.S. degree in anthropology, with additional graduatehours and lots of field work – and as the wife of a geologist-mathematician, I have livedout of country and also traveled extensively ) .

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In August 2011, it was reported a UK-based company called Keep Calm and Carry On Ltd had registered the slogan as a community trade mark in the EU, after failing to obtain registration of the slogan as a trademark in the United Kingdom. They issued a take-down request against a seller of Keep Calm and Carry On products. Questions have been raised as to whether the registration could be challenged, as the slogan had been widely used before registration and is not recognisable as indicating trade origin. An application has been submitted by British intellectual property advisor and UK trademarking service Trade Mark Direct, to cancel the registration on the grounds that the words are too widely used for one person to own the exclusive rights, but the request for cancellation was rejected and the trade mark is still protected in all EU countries. The company is now trying to register the slogan as its trademark in both the United States and Canada.

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I believed it was now safe to write again, at last.. So I did, reminding him of hispositive impact on my life. His secretary eventually sent me an letter that LordRussell expressed regret that he was too ill to write to me. I still own that reply.

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I lost my job for speaking out. I was hounded, harassed, made fun of. But I will neverwaver, even though I am now forced to live in a foreign country where I have been kindlytreated.