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Statistics need to be fresh — the number of high-schoolers who smoked cigarettes in 1977 doesn't mean much unless we have more recent statistics to show how things have changed — and the statistics need to be taken from a respected resource. Generally, government and academic resources are reliable, relatively unbiased providers of statistical information.

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Using the countries of Bahrain and the United States as a comparison point for the following issues which surround crime statistics such as biases, agendas and general influences like education and religion; this essay will be focused around analysing the statistical factors and wider influences which can allow a country to have low or high crime rates....

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First, learn how to write a report about original research. A statistics project report is generally similar to other original research reports. Statistical analysis is different from other methods, but before you learn about those differences you should put it all in perspective by reading our article about how to . After you review the way to write a great research proposal, you can use the tips in this article to prepare for the specific challenges unique to statistics reports.

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As everyone knows, the trouble with statistics is that it's so easy to lie with them. Citing the average annual household salary in the state of Connecticut — approaching $100,000 — makes it sound like everyone in the state is rich. The real truth behind that statistic, however, is that there is an alarming disparity between those who "have" in Connecticut and live in some of the nation's richest communities and those who "have not" and live in some of the nation's poorest neighborhoods. Averages sometimes don't mean very much. A graphically represented statistic can also be made to lie. If one country has three times as many soldiers as another and we represent the difference this way —

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What this paper seeks to achieve is to show how this theory is conceptualized, how it causes juvenile delinquency particularly for African Americans, statistics on African American juveniles, and why it could lead to a life of crime as juveniles transition into adulthood....

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in convincing an audience of the validity of your argument. Knowing how people are often cowed by a writer with math at her command, it is, in fact, tempting to overwork the power of statistics. A little arithmetic can go a long way. In our essay on the dearth of news in today's news programs (click ), we could have used some statistics to back up our point — using a stopwatch to record the actual minutes spent on advertising instead of the news, spreading this statistical study over several evenings and weeks, seeking some statistics on industry standards on advertising time, etc.