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I substitute teach after 16 years in the classroom. I only remember a handful of students who had organized notebooks and used their personal or school issued planners on a regular basis. Most of the student's information can now be stored on any electronic device that almost every student has at their disposal during the school day. But your seven steps are still what is needed by high school students who are serious in getting a quality high school education. Thanks for putting this together.

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is the most common category of Scholarships by Grade Level. High school students are planning to attend college for the first time and likely do not have funding sources available. Scholarships for high school students creates an investment for new students to begin higher education.

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Today's college planning consultants-or some call them educational consultants or college admissions/financial aid consulting professionals-offer a wide array of valuable services to students and their parents. For instance, they help steer students during their high school days to the academic, extracurricular and athletic pursuits that will increase their chances of being admitted to the college(s) of their choice. They help them wade through the mounds of paperwork necessary to apply for both admission and financial aid, and they make sure the forms are submitted on time. They also specialize in helping at-risk students, learning-disabled students and other nontraditional students achieve their highest potential.

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Four-Year High School Plan Template It’s true that record keeping is critical at this stage, but it doesn’t have to be a chore

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Visit the Campus Explorer Student Center as a High School Sophomore for college planning articles, guides, and tips

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