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The people of the country of the blind have been isolated from the outside world for fifteen generations, making it hard for them to easily accept the truth and facts about the real world.

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In the short story The Country of the Blind, the author H.G

Wells's ‘The Country of the Blind ..

In other words, it's the rare alien invasion story that actually portrays humans as absolutely defenseless. Not only that, but it also suggests that humans' activities on Earth—you know, colonizing other countries willy-nilly—isn't all that different from flying around the solar system wreaking havoc. There's no lasting feeling that we're the good guys: in fact, Wells goes out of his way to suggest that, given half a chance, humans would be doing the exact same thing as the Martians.

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Wells-1933-also as: Seven Science Fiction Novels-1950The Anatomy of Frustration: A Modern Synthesis-1936The Croquet Player: A Story-1936 The Camford Visitation-1937The Gentler Star Begotten: A Biological Fantasia-1937The Holy Terror-1939All Aboard for Ararat-1940You Can't Be Too Careful: A Sample of Life 1901-1951 -1941Mind at the End of its Tether-1945, an essayThe Man with the Nose and Other Uncollected Short Stories-coll 1984The 28-vol Atlantic edition of The Works of H.G.

An accidental fall while climbing a mountain leaves Nunez stuck in a valley, which turns out to be the country of the blind....
The idea of ruling the country of the blind evokes the ethnocentrism within Nunez and the blind people.

Wells' "The Country of the Blind." ..

Wells uses ethnocentrism as a strong device in the short story ‘The Country of the Blind’ to generate the central conflict and to convey the theme: the perils of that deadly combination of stubbornness and blindness.

It has been said that in the country of the blind, the one eyed man is king

He was a mountaineer from the country near Quito, ..

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For instance, disability can confine people to different experiences