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As we do so, we remember those who suffered and died as a result the fire’s mass destruction, as well as the city’s struggle to rise from its ashes.

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is truly one of our country’s greatest tragedies.

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On this day in 1871, a fire that started in a barn quickly spread through Chicago and burned 3.5 square miles of the city to the ground. The Newberry Library , and provided a map that shows the large chunk of Chicago that was destroyed during the disaster. The fire killed 300 people and left another 100,000 without homes, destroying much of what is downtown and the Near North Side today. However, Chicago quickly rebuilt and the city's famous architects had a blank canvas to work with to design and erect the world's first skyscrapers. Less than twenty years after the Great Chicago Fire, the city hosted the World's Columbian Exposition and introduced thousands to the White City.

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2001.Any general historical resource on such a pivotal event as the great Chicago fire of 1871, which nearly destroyed the new nation’s most representative city, must deal effectively both with the complex facts of the event itself and with the even more complex aftermath.

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This month we have seen the anniversary of the devastating Great Chicago Fire, which took place between 8th and 10th October in 1871, and as it is also fire prevention month I thought I’d devote some time to it. The fire took place at a time when Chicago was a growing metropolis, beginning to lead the USA in industry and population. The fire crippled the city, killing 300 people, leaving 100,000 homeless, and causing an estimated $200 million in damages.

Any general historical resource on such a pivotal event as the great Chicago fire of 1871, ..

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The Chicago Fire of 1871 The summer of 1871 had been an unusually dry one in Chicago. BetweenJuly and October, only 5 inches of rain fell. In addition to twenty-sevenfires in the first week of October, on Saturday night, October 7, a blaze brokeout in a planning mill on the West Side and destroyed almost every building in afour block area before it was brought under control Sunday morning. They lost ahose and other fire-fighting equipment, including one of seventeen steam fireengines and a hose cart. Nearly half of Chicago's 185 firemen fought this fireand many were on duty all day, so they were already exhausted when the GreatChicago Fire of 1871 struck.

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To read much more about the Great Fire and the aftermath, including some truly gripping first-person witness accounts, see the Chicago Historical Society’s . If you’re not in a reading mood, you can browse their . The Library of Congress has a good collection of stereoscopic pictures of the city in ruins .

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8–14, we at FireRescue would like to present our readers with a historical account of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the incident that inspired the creation of Fire Prevention Week.