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“Most of these plates are anthrax, but they’re all non-virulent,” Stewart says of the various bacterial colonies on the counter in his lab. Non-virulent strains are safe to handle with the precautions of a BSL-2 lab: gloves, a lab coat and eye protection. The Bond LSC does not have a BSL-3 or higher facility to study more dangerous pathogens like virulent strains of anthrax. That work is done at the Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research, or LIDR. | photo by Phillip Sitter, Bond LSC

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For more FAQ regarding the definition of GMOs,  over at the Institute of Responsible Technology.

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University of Missouri PhD student in biological sciences Nat Graham introduces the first Science on Tap CoMo event on the evening of Tuesday, June 28 at Ninth Street Public House. | photo by Phillip Sitter, Bond LSC

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The talk centered on neural proteins and vitamin A-fortified bananas Tuesday night as about 40 science-minded people met at 9th Street Public House for the first Science on Tap CoMo.

Current Genetically Modified/Genetically Engineered/Transgenic Crops in the United States are:

So is anthrax a dastardly bio-villain or a misunderstood hero?

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The truth is neither. Anthrax bacterium is just another living thing.

These days there have been a lot of modifications to our food supply. I’m not talking about cross-breeding or hybridization, such as combining a mandarin (orange) and a lemon to get a Meyer Lemon, I’m talking about taking the DNA of a completely different species and FORCING it into the DNA of a plant without researching side effects, impact on the environment, those with weakened immune systems and the general population.

How we interact with anthrax is largely dependent upon us humans.

Ingredients derived from soybeans: Soy flour, soy protein, soy isolates, soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, vegetable proteins, textured vegetable protein (TVP), tofu, tamari, tempeh, and soy protein supplements.

Check out  for a complete list of invisible Genetically Modified ingredients.

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“Previous studies have found that female turtles are much more adept at spatial navigation — think of female sea turtles that return many years later to the same beaches where they hatched to lay their own eggs,” Rosenfeld said. “We found that developmental exposure to BPA essentially overrides the brain development of male turtles as indicated by the enhanced navigational ability of the turtles we studied. While improved spatial navigation might be considered a good thing, it also may suggest that when they reach adulthood male turtles will not exhibit courtship behaviors needed to attract a mate and reproduce, which could result in dramatic population declines.”

Source: Composite by G_marius based on University of Michigan School of Natural Resources

Imagine you are forced to jump out of an airplane.

The impact that human cloning could have on our societies and future populations have made this topic extremely controversial. Although there are many pros in terms of innovation, reproduction and health, there are also several drawbacks from the ethical and legal perspective. Many countries such as the Australia, Canada, and the United Nations have already passed laws to ban human cloning. However, the issues is far from being settled. Many voices are arguing in favor of human cloning and others are stauch opponents to the legalization of this practice.

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“Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another species. Genetic engineering forcefully breaches the naturally occurring barriers between species, causing both known and unknown / unintended consequences that have been proven safe by the FDA or the United States Government. Because the injected genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans, GMOs are also known as “transgenic” organisms.”