We all know how important friends are

A growing body of research since the mid-1970s questions therelationship between the phenomenon of friendship and particular moraltheories. Thus, many (Stocker 1976, 1981; Blum 1980, 1993; Wilcox1987; Friedman 1989, 1993; Badhwar 1991; Cocking & Oakley 1995)have criticized consequentialist and deontological moral theories onthe grounds that they are somehow incompatible with friendship and thekind of reasons and motives that friendship provides. Often, theappeal to friendship is intended to bypass traditional disputes amongmajor types of moral theories (consequentialism, deontology, andvirtue ethics), and so the “friendship critique” may seemespecially important and interesting.[]

So why are friends so important in our lives ?

Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults.

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Another way to construe the question of the value of friendship is inmore social terms: what is the good to society of having its membersengaged in relationships of friendship? Telfer (1970–71, 238)answers that friendship promotes the general good “by providinga degree and kind of consideration for others’ welfare whichcannot exist outside it.” Blum (1980) concurs, arguing thatfriendship is an important source of moral excellence preciselybecause it essentially involves acting for the sake of your friend, akind of action that can have considerable moral worth. (For similarclaims, see Annis 1987.)

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These are only some of the reasons why friends are so important in our lives

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Just think about all the moments you already spent with your best friends. Aren’t they the most wonderful ones? They always load you with energy, joy and positive feelings. So, yes, friends are important persons in our lives. How can we thank them for that? Well, the answer is very simple. We just have to give back what we received.

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These answers to the social value of friendship seem to apply equallywell to love: insofar as love essentially involves both a concern foryour beloved for his sake and, consequently, action on his behalf forhis sake, love will exhibit the same social value. Friedman (1989),however, argues that friendship itself is socially valuable in a waythat love is not. Understanding the intimacy of friendship in terms ofthe sharing of values, Friedman notes that friendship can involve themutual support of, in particular, unconventional values, which can bean important stimulus to moral progress within a community. For“our commitments to particular persons are, in practice,necessary counterbalances to our commitments to abstractmoral guidelines, and may, at times, take precedence over them”(6). Consequently, the institution of friendship is valuable not justto the individuals but also to the community as a whole.

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(4) and (5) are the important claims for present purposes: making thesame choices as your friend, if done consistently, depends on having asimilar outlook on what reasons there are so to choose, and this pointis reinforced in (5) given Aristotle’s understanding of pleasureand pain as evaluative and so as revealing what is (apparently) goodand bad. The message might be that merely having coincidence inevaluative outlook is enough to satisfy (4) and (5).

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Everybody adopts a second family after their real one. This second family are our friends. We spend a lot of time with them, we experience some of the most important or major moments of our lives with them and we can rely on them no matter the issue.