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Security of Post-German Movable Property in the First Years after the End of World War II in the Light of Selected Cases Considered by the Regional Court in Gorzów Wielkopolski

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Europeanisation of legal scholarship and legal education facilitates the emergence of comparative legal science as a promising fresh tool to discover similarities and differences between two or more jurisdictions and their development in the past through their comparison. Yet, the specific methodology of such studies is still not clear. Some legal historians hold the opinion that comparative legal history does not or should not have its own methodology other than that of comparative law. Others warn against imposing on legal history the contemporary agenda and toolbox. The author of this article aims to clarify this debate by examining the prospect of applying one of the most popular methods of comparative law – the functional one – in the domain of legal history. On the basis of several examples from European legal past he claims that examining the functions (the social purpose) of legal norms can help legal historians in three ways. First, to determine the objects of comparison and the sources of analysis, despite the variety of verbal shortcuts (the initial stage of research). Second, to analyse legal norms from the perspective of solving social problems in the past, to study the 'law in action'. Third, to arrange the results of the research according to meaningful criteria at the final stage.

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Around the world we can face with a big diversity in the voting systems. Within certain limits governments have the right to determine how many votes a single citizen is allowed to cast, and how. Therefore we can also find majority-, proportional- and preferenital electoral systems even only in Europe. Single- and multiple-vote systems are neither unfamiliar. While the vote-transfer system is currently employed in Malata and Ireland, until then Germany applies the personalised PR-system. Electoral system in Hungary have changed over time. According to Act XXXIV of 1989, until 2010, the electoral system was an archetype of mixed voting systems: in it, it is possible to gain a mandate both in a single district and through party lists. The Parliament operates with 386 representatives. In 2010 the system was changed under the Act CCIII of 2011. It is still a mixed system, but there are only 199 mandates can be won: 106 in relative majority single constituencies and 93 on a national list. Since it provides compensation after the votes cast in single districts, it is also, essentially, a compensational system.

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The biography of Marshal of Finland C. G. Mannerheim Poland and the Poles didn’t play important role. Despite this it can be concluded that in the first period of his adult life he had very close contacts with them. That was a consequence of stationing in the area of Poland by Russian troops in which he was serving at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century. Even after gaining the independence of Finland in 1917, Mannerheim didn’t cease extensive contacts with Poles. Mannerheim’s contacts seemed particularly interesting with Joseph Pilsudski who was respected by him as a real and strong leaders of the Polish nation. In this article one also presented similar historical issues of Finnish and Polish history at the background of the Mannerheim’s biography.

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French Revolution and its impacts on Europe – legislation and Revolution between Progress and Restauration - “Allgemeines Landrecht” of 1794 (Prussia), “Allgemeines Gesetzbuch” of 1811 (Austria), Code civil of 1804 (France) – all these codifications guaranteed economic liberties but no political rights.

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With the use of descriptive and comparative legal method I argue, that despite the obvious differences in the selection of sources, both Poland and Switzerland codified their private law in the universalist spirit. Differences in the national culture and circumstances preceding the codification works did not impede supporting both codifications on pillars of shared principles of private law.

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The Polish people living in Lithuanian and Belarusian lands had ambivalent feelings about the breakout of World War I in August 1914. The war instilled fear and anxiety, but it also aroused hopes and expectations. Many people were well aware of the cruelty that military activities involved, yet he believed that the Polish nation would politically benefit from the conflict rather than fall its economic prey. Nationalist periodicals demanded all the people who could contribute to the common good to stay in the country and fulfill their civic duty. A large number of representatives of the National Democratic, propounded to all the people in the lands of former Grand Duchy of Lithuania, regardless of their nationality, education or creed, joining their forces and demonstrating solidarity. Claimed that only real danger can motivate a nation to display the moral value of an individual and society as a whole.