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This essay will focus on: the early evolution of our eukaryote ancestor during Precambrian period, plastids origin along the algae family due to second endosymbiosis; discuss the evidence that supports the theory, including further examples of endosymbiosis.

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In the essay "The AI Revolution Is On" by Steven Levy, the author stated how new vision of computer intelligence are differ from the past years’, and how useful they are in today’s daily life.

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The content of this page now turns to a rather detailed consideration of the history of the gradual development of what is thought of as Darwinian Evolutionary Theory.
Brief biographical information about Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace intended to convey how their respective backgrounds and characters gave them potential towards the development of the Theory of Evolution will be presented.
Mention is then made of such important influences as Thomas Malthus' Essay on Population followed by an outline description of the scientific interactions between Darwin and Wallace including several autobiographical quotes as well as some key excerpts from their letters.

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This chapter will focus more on Darwins’ Theory of evolution by ..

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