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The other ethical dilemma of a priest as a counselor is whether to be pro-life or pro-choice, where the former means considering life and the later meaning choosing the better option. Pro-life people consider it unethical to procure abortion since they consider it to be murder terminating life that has already began or in process. On the other hand, pro-choice advocates consider the right of the woman in choosing what she wants; suggesting it is unethical to refuse a woman her right to decide on what affects her body (Stocco, 2010). Priest are pro-life people and only give the meaning of life and why it is important not to terminate the pregnancy, using biblical support on the value of life. Considering that a counselor is supposed to present all views on an issue, a priest is bound by his vow to be loyal to church and will only give the religious standing point, leaving the client with only one side of the issue and may not have a choice. Some of the issues a priest will not tell are such as the legal circumstances under which abortion is allowed and access to abortion. More still, since religious views will talk about the spiritual consequences or punishment of abortion, a client will feel intimidated about the issue, and lack the ability to make an independent decision.

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The ethical issues on abortion also revolve around the right of men to the unborn child where most argue that the man has an equal right to the child. The arguments say that for conception to occur there has to be man to complete the union, and as such, he has a right to give his opinion on the matter since the child belongs to him equally as it belongs to the woman. On this issue, women argue that men do not get pregnant and have no right to impose a decision on the woman. More so, women say that they have a right to decide since it is their bodies affected and not the men’s and they would not allow the man to influence their decisions (Savulescu, 2001).

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Many different people and organizations hold divergent views on abortion, and what may be a vice to one side will be allowed on the other side. For a long time the abortion debate has continued to raise many legal and ethical issues with most of the religious leaders holding firmly to their view that life starts at conception and no one has a right to terminate (BBC, 2009). The opposing side holds the view that a woman has a right to decide matters concerning her body. This raises the main question of when the fetus becomes a person, or when life begins. Many say it is at conception, others after three months, while others consider it human at birth, which further brings the issues whether abortion is unethical or a woman’s right to decide about carrying the pregnancy until birth with consideration that she has the right to her body (Stocco, 2010). More questions revolve around whether it is ethical to give birth to an unwanted baby and the right of the father to the child. A woman can make decision after consulting her physician and a spiritual counselor on the ethics of the matter. However, the kind of counseling may differ depending on who is the counselor, and in this case the counselor being a priest, he is bound to dwell more on the spiritual side as well as physical to discourage abortion depending on the reason for abortion, while a woman should have all the information including why an abortion maybe considered.

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The how did japan modernise itself? abortion debate is the ongoing ethical issues abortion essays controversy surrounding the moral and legal status of induced abortion.

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