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If they did not succeed in finding a long-term niche for themselves in the political party system, this spoke to the opposition they encountered from the objects of their attacks, especially within the Democratic Party, on the one hand, and the success of the Republican Party in implementing key conservative policies during the 1920s, on the other.

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People formed many racist groups in the 1920s who continued promoting racist ideas during the 1930s.
Racist Protest
European Immigrants
Women and children of different ethnicities
KKK members
American farmers were failing to sell to off their huge crop surpluses
The result was rural depression that affected millions of Americans
Farmers abandon their lands --> "Dust Bowl"
During the 1920s, farmers could still make a living by working on their land and the agricultural economy brought profits.

did not possess exclusive rights to Traditionalism

Farmers' incomes declined but farming could still be profitable.
People living in the country did not participate in the economic gains.
In the 1930s: many minority groups are held responsible for the high unemployment rates during the Great Depression.
ANALYSIS: Continuity

This theme presents a continuous evolution from the 1920s to the 1930 because racial discrimination remained important in both decades.

Two women, clearly friends, both stylishly dressed, are sharing confidences in this  from the late 1920s.

America experienced a time of great wealth and new modern ideas

When we think of the 1920’s what comes to mind is prohibition, bootleg, flappers, speakeasy, organized crime and at the end of the 1920’s the Great Depression....

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Clearly we must heed Evans' claim that one has to understand the Klan and the "half conscious impulses" it expressed in order to understand the public life of the 1920s.

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. Before introducing his long-running Sweeney and Son in 1933, Alvah Posen made his debut in the comic strip world with Them Days Is Gone Forever, a lighthearted view-of-the-times that was syndicated in American newspapers from 1921 to 1927. Its innovative format featured modern scenarios in four frames—the first three progressing with rhyming lyrics, the fourth delivering the climactic refrain: "Them Days Is Gone Forever." (The strip was later retitled Them Days Are Gone Forever). Above the strip ran a line of music to which the strip's "lyrics" could be sung. With gentle humor, Posen satirized the everyday foibles of human nature and the distinctly American rites of passage (leaving bachelorhood was a favorite)—and bade farewell to aspects of life "gone forever" in the 1920s, including low prices, legal alcohol, naive well-behaved children, and, as seen in the eight strips presented here, the demure tradition-bound woman of old. (5 pp.)

The epitome of the avant-garde woman, the archetype of the flapper, was America’s new, young movie actress of the 1920’s.

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The 1920's were a time of great social change characterized byapparent prosperity, new ideas, and personal freedom. Known as the"roaring twenties" America was reacting to the depression of theWorld War. It was like a giant party. New technology, new ideas andgreat change. Yet under the surface the same conservative valuesstill flourished. The economic boom of the era was short-lived, butmost of the social changes were lasting.

Yet Bow’s contagious and popular attitude came with its weaknesses - dealing with fame and the motion picture industry in the 1920’s....

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American culture in the 1920s was centered on lost hope and unreachable dreams as shown by the lost generation and countless others struggling to become rich by both illegal and legal means.

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Had the Steel Strike of 1919 with its communist leadership succeeded, had the Red Scare crackdown on leftwing political movements been less thorough, had the bombings of 1919-20 continued into the 1920s, had Klan leadership been bent on political power rather than personal gain, had, in short, conditions been more favorable to the emergence of the KKK as a political party, it might well had succeeded.