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This double focus-the boy who first experiences, and the manwhohas not forgotten-provides for the dramatic rendering of astory of first love told by a narrator who, with hiswider, adult vision,can employ the sophisticated use of irony and symbolic imagery nec-essary to reveal the story'smeaning.

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An obvious objection to this is thatif it were entirely true there would be no such thing as 'bad literature'.I may consider Lamb and Macaulay overrated, but that does not necessarilymean that I stop regarding them as literature.

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Even if we claim that it is a non-pragmatic treatmentof language, we have still not arrived at an 'essence' of literature becausethis is also so of other linguistic practices such as jokes.

Literature, byforcing us into a dramatic awareness of language, refreshes these habitualresponses and renders objects more 'perceptible'.

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At least once during the course of writing your essay, isolate what you consider to be your thesis. Is your proposition both arguable and reasonable? If it is obvious (i.e. Mary Rowlandson used the Bible for comfort during her captivity) you don’t have an argument. Argument requires analysis (i.e. taking things apart and explaining them). One test that may help is asking yourself what the opposite "side" of your argument would be. A good, complicated thesis (which was proposed by one of your classmates) is that "Although Mary Rowlandson says she often used the Bible as a source of comfort during her captivity, a closer reading of her narrative suggests her faith may have been more troubled by her experience than she lets on." One useful structure for writing thesis statements is the "although" form used above: "Although x seems to be true about this piece of literature, y is in fact more true (or makes our thinking about x more complex)." In this form you present both sides of your argument at once and show which side you’re on. Your job in the paper is to convince your reader to join you. Another way to write an effective thesis statement is to use the form "If we look closely at x (e.g. how Bradford defines freedom) we discover y (that ).

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If you could divide the book/essay into sections, units of meaning, what would those sections be? How are they related to each other? Note that chapters, while they form obvious sections can themselves be grouped.Referring to the text: In writing analytic papers that address any kind of literature, it is necessary to refer to the text (the specific words on the page of the book) in order to support your argument. This means that you must quote and interpret passages that demonstrate or support your argument. Quotation is usually stronger than paraphrase. Remember also that your purpose in writing an essay is not merely to paraphrase or summarize (repeat) what the author has said, but to make an argument about how the make their point, or how they have said what they have said.

3 Perhaps 'literature' means something like the opposite:any kind of writing which for some reason or another somebody values highly.

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But it does mean that the so-called 'literary canon', the unquestioned'great tradition' of the 'national literature', has to be recognized asa construct, fashioned by particular people for particular reasons at acertain time.

Definition and a list of examples of diction. Diction is the choice of words and style of expression that an author makes and uses in a work of literature.

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At the climax of the story, when he realizes that hisdreams of holiness and love are inconsistent withthe actual world,his anger and anguish are directed, not toward the Church, but to-ward himself as "a creaturedriven by vanity." In addition to the im-ages in the story that are symbolic of the Church and its effectuponthe people who belong to it, there are descriptive words and phrasesthat add to this representational meaning.

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Seventeenth- century English literature includes Shakespeare, Webster ,Marvell and Milton; but it also stretches to the essays of Francis Bacon,the sermons of John Donne, Bunyan's spiritual autobiography and whateverit was that Sir Thomas Browne wrote.