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And while these sites say they intend to expose black women to a world of possibilities, the "possibilities" seem to predominantly feature black women with white men — a move that, intentionally or not, presents interracial dating as aspirational. Kim Butler, a data editor from California who moved to Germany in 2011, on the argument that Europe is a solution to black female singlehood on her blog last year. She told me she's noticed many of the pro-"swirl" websites seem to be pushing one message: "What is right is white." But Butler says there is more of a conversation to be had. "Are we going to start talking about some of the issues going on in America, why there's not so many black female couplings ... or are we just going to say, 'Screw it! We'll just go to Europe and find a white guy.'"

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Kinneret: Actually, I do not think this is a paradox. Singlehood is usually portrayed within the confines of binaries: choosing/non-choosing; the happy/miserable single subject. But a more nuanced and political reading of singIehood pronounces that singlehood should be analyzed in intersectional terms, attuned to axes of power like gender, race, age, class and ableness. A binary discourse excludes women who often don’t have the privilege to “choose” singlehood due to various economic and social constraints. I am of course not arguing against chosen singlehood, but when we discuss this category we should bear in mind that these choices are relative and not absolute.

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Kinneret: Hazan’s work has had a profound impact on my own research. Hazan separates the condition of old age from the carriers of old age, thereby freeing them of the totalizing identity of “the elderly.” And this changes the way we think of and address both the various conditions of old age, old age as a category, and old people. The same sociological sensibility is here applied to singles and singlehood.

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One of the United States central values that have evolved to become less important over time is marriage. Americans in the U.S. practiced marriage more often and longer in the 1960s, where marriages involved relatively younger persons. Conversely, the rates of marriage have declined over time, with a whole repertoire of social and cultural factors accounting for most of the observed declines. Previously, cultural orientation of the American society condemned singlehood. While American condemned singlehood initially, this status is no longer frowned, and individuals tend to tend to take longer times before getting married.

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Kinneret Lahad is a Senior Lecturer in the NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Her book, A Table for One: A Critical Reading of Singlehood, Gender and Time was recently published by Manchester University Press.


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Kinneret: There is no doubt that Israel has its own cultural and historical specificities: the state of war, Holocaust trauma (now handed down from one generation to the next) and what conservatives call the “demographic crisis,” which is evoked to insist on the necessity of partnering and producing healthy Jewish children. These subjects have been expertly covered by scholars like Nitza Berkovitch, Yael Hashiloni-Dolev, Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli and Orna Donath. However, we should be weary of exoticization. Israeli culture is not that different from other western societies. When I look at social research, as well as popular media, I see that the regional differences between center and periphery count for much more than in which country one finds herself not celebrating Christmas or Passover properly. To some extent singlehood can be more legitimate in large cities, but is still heavily sanctioned outside of metropolitan areas.

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Last week, Jessica Keating wrote for Church Life on three insights into marriage from a single person. This week, America Magazine published another piece by Jessica Keating on singlehood. In this piece, she makes an argument that whatever a “single vocation” consists of, it is really just a concrete way of living out a vocation to holiness in the world. And even if she is among the many young women and men who have not chosen this vocation, she is still called to live with holiness in the world: Things do not always work out the way we expect. Life is precarious. We are thrown into situations over which we have no control. Married couples experience infertility. The person one falls in love with may not return that love. A religious order may ask a member to leave. We are all vulnerable. Yet we are called to holiness precisely in the circumstances of reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. But I did not discern a call to single life. In …