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There are different concepts of masculinity, which range from essentialist to socio-constructivist. Essentialist approach examines masculinity as a result of biological differences between men and women, while socio-constructivist defines masculinity in terms of gender expectations.

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What changes took place in the little boy? He had received the full brunt of the worst period of his parents’ married life, and in addition, was the first child. The mother had succeeded in emasculating him, in seducing him for herself, and away from his father. She had also succeeded in making him terrified of his father. In pursuing his exaggerated masculine role, the father had unwittingly supported his wife’s seductive manipulations with the boy. When his mother’s psychoanalysis began, the picture I got of the little boy was that of a weak, scrawny boy who was given to petulant outbursts. Extremely tense and sensitive, shy, and withdrawn, he preferred playing with his younger sister, or girls of his own age, refusing to have anything to do with boys. He constantly clung to his mother, and found all kinds of pretexts for touching her, exploring her body, asking intimate questions about sexual differences and about babies. He cried very easily, dawdled in his play and his eating, and suffered from disturbed sleep. The two years of his mother’s analysis wrought a change in this little boy. His sister could no longer get away with her cute tricks; his mother now encouraged his increasing self-assertiveness. His father no longer made impossible masculine demands on him. In short, he was now getting positive support from both parents and cooperation from his sister.

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What about the distaff side in the course of neurotic deviations from culturally-prescribed patterns? As with the boy, the girl, too, may become extremely feminine, neuter, or assume many so-called masculine characteristics. We will understand all of this much better when we see it evolving in the following family situation: at first glance, this family would appear to be a happy one, like so many others. However, on careful scrutiny, we can see much more that lies beneath the surface. The mother was exaggeratedly feminine in some ways, yet almost masculine in others. Indeed, she gave the impression of being a loving mother and a real woman in civic interests. Her façade was that of a gracious and idealistic person. But behind the façade were secretiveness, evasiveness, and sadism. Considering this a man’s world, where women were invariably downtrodden, she was a vigorous feminist, and considered herself a very spiritual person. She exploited a compliant manner merely to lead one on and sabotage one’s best efforts. Her techniques of dishonesty were so subtle and so skillfully manipulated that most people never became aware of them. Her husband was a self-righteous individual with a streak of meanness underneath. They had a little boy of four, and a girl of two.

There is only one key contradiction I found when it came to traditional understandings of sexuality, masculinity and femininity.

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To address the question of what is masculinity, the primary assumption of alterity is necessary: all the signs are either masculine or feminine. In addition, this definition is affected by the presence of social stereotypes and the lack of a neutral neuter gender.

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Without being at all aware of it, he he has begun to develop a whole series of notions about what being masculine means. In addition to denoting independence and resourcefulness, it means that an emphasis is placed on bodily strength — and, if necessary, the settling of differences through physical combat. He learns, too, that a man is expected to settle honest differences in a forthright manner, and that, in the heat of battle, violent language is allowed, but no tears, scratching, biting, or hair-pulling — supposedly, the traditional prerogatives of women. Through his enjoyment of rough-and-ready bodily contact and conflicts, he naturally assumes a carefree regard for sexual functions, and for bodily activities. Boys undress before each other and go in the nude with healthy abandon. Defecating and urinating openly before each other is encouraged, as well as competitive games involving who can spit and urinate further. Mutual examination and comparison of genitals further breaks down many of the feminine taboos regarding sexuality. And, because of this freer attitude, boys do not, in general, react to puberty with the psychological intensity characteristic of girls. Quite obviously, boy assumes that the attitudes represented by his father, as well as the role he plays, constitute some total of the meaning of the word “masculinity.” And by now he can spout all the hoary platitudes along with the best of them. A man works; a woman merely keeps house. A man earns money, by the sweat of his brow, of course; a woman merely fritters it away. Men have the intelligence; women, the intuitions. Men are brusque, firm, stern, and forthright; they demand and expect obedience; women, on the other hand, are submissive, or else they engage in feline tactics.

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Some experts noted that masculinity and femininity cannot be thought of separately. For them, it is above all in opposition to the female than the male can be constructed and expressed. In this context, femininity is the antithesis of masculinity, to be a woman, then, is not to be a man and being a man is above all refuse “naturally” feminine attribute. Masculinity and femininity should be thought relationally as the result of a diacritical construction, both theoretical and practical.