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The stories are narrated by the brother in “Sonny Blues” and mother “I Stand Here Ironing”, therefore the story are only told through the point of view of the family member.

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The detachment between mother and daughter in “I Stand Here Ironing” is understandable.

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Taking place in the years between the Great Depression up through the post-World War II McCarthy era, "I Stand Here Ironing" tracks one working-class mother as she struggles to raise her daughter. As one motivation behind the story, Olsen has remarked that "after Hiroshima [...] I had in some way to try to write again and to write on the side of life against death" (cited ). In its painstaking portrayal of one woman's reflections on the work of motherhood, "I Stand Here Ironing" suggests how the most ordinary, humble of experiences can lead to life-affirming values, even in the face of such intimidating forces as nuclear war and economic recession.

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is well known now as an author and critic, but in many ways her life mirrored the one she describes in "I Stand Here Ironing." As a young mother in the 1940s, her writing life was put on hold while she raised her four children. It was only when the last of her four children had grown up that Olsen was able to return to writing. "I Stand Here Ironing" is part of a collection of four short stories entitled Tell Me a Riddle, whose title story won the O. Henry award in 1961.

Rich's poem holds a similar theme to Tillie Olson's "I stand here Ironing".
“I stand here ironing” is a very straightforward and simple description, but yet it conveys a deeper meaning and draws the readers into the narrative.

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Many times it has been documented in works of literature, and one classical example of this occurrence is

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In the story, “I Stand Here Ironing,” Tillie Olsen portrays the life and regret of a young single mother struggling to raise her daughter Emily....

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