Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit argues two forms of consciousness.

Meanwhile, Hegel still seems to attract more positive attention than Schopenhauer, which certainly is consistent with the growing totalitarian mindset of American intellectuals -- many of whom nevertheless do not seem to even understand the logical implications of their own commitments.

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Hegel and Katherine Carlitz (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007), pp.

Essays on Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit

The heating up of sounding bodies, just as beaten or rubbed ones, is the appearance of heat, originating conceptually together with sound.' There are some who still believe in Hegel's sincerity, or who still doubt whether his secret might not be profundity, fullness of thought, rather than emptiness.

Essays on Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit [David S

Westphal, Kenneth. “The Basic Context and Structure of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right.” In The Cambridge Companion to Hegel. Edited by Frederick C. Beiser, 234–269. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

The leading classic collection of essays on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. This work is comprehensive and highly influential.

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As we have mentioned, Hegel’s Encyclopaedia ofPhilosophical Sciences was written as a teaching manual, variousparts of which were later expanded upon in lecture courses devoted tospecific parts of the system. The first part ofthe Encyclopaedia is essentially a condensed version of hisearlier Science of Logic, considered above. We will pass overa consideration of this work to the next component ofthe Encyclopaedia, Hegel’s Philosophy ofNature.

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Three prominent intellectual figures that proposed differing ideas on marriage were Louis de Bonald, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and Charles Fourier....

Historicism is one of the important pillars of Hegelian philosophy, which attempts to provide insight on human social activities and thought process.

collection as there is in most anthologies of essays on Hegel

Hegel’s treatment of punishment also brings out thecontinuity of his way of conceiving of the structure and dynamics ofthe social world with that of Kant, as Kant too, inhis Metaphysics of Morals had employed the idea of thestate’s punitive action as a negating of the originalcriminal act. Kant’s idea, conceived on the model of thephysical principle of action and reaction, was structured by thecategory of community or reciprocal interaction, and wasconceived as involving what he called realopposition. Such an idea of opposed dynamic forces seems toform something of a model for Hegel’s idea of contradiction andthe starting point for his conception of reciprocalrecognition. Nevertheless, clearly Hegel articulates the structures ofrecognition in more complex ways than those derivable fromKant’s category of community.

It is in this way that Hegel describes universal Reason, a force which ensures the end of history in its own self-consciousness.

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The philosophy of subjective spirit passes over into thatof objective spirit, which concerns the objective patterns ofsocial interaction and the cultural institutions within which spiritis objectified. The book entitled Elements of the Philosophy ofRight, published in 1821 as a textbook to accompany Hegel’slectures at the University of Berlin, essentially corresponds to amore developed version of the philosophy of objective spirit and willbe considered here.

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Through a close comparison of the theories of Fichte and Hegel via a critique of the former by the latter, I show that the antidote to many of our political, moral and theological distresses may well be found in Hegel’s concep...