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Promote freedom of speech, association, non-exclusion and freedom of religion elevating Haitian culture, authentic history, Haitian , Vodun and Kreyòl - the lights and beauty of Haiti

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That is the ideal Dessalines established at the creation of the nation of Haiti.

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They were part of the survivors of a sailing vessel crowded with Haitian migrants that overturned Friday, May 4 in moonlit waters a half-mile from shore in shark-infested waters.

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With the , HLLN documents eyewitness testimonies of the common men and women in Haiti suffering, under this US-installed UN occupation, the greatest forms of terror and exclusion since the 19-year US occupation (1915-1934) and the days of slavery; conducts learning forums on Haiti (The ), and , in general, brings against occupation, endless poverty and exclusion in Haiti directly to concerned peoples worldwide - and then to governments officials, international policymakers, human rights organizations, journalists, the corporate and alternative media, schools and universities, solidarity networks.

But, to push back Dessalines' revolution is the reason for all the imperialist interventions in Haiti since Haiti's independence.

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The profound non-Eurocentric roots, history, humaneness, beauty, truth and values and cultural patrimony extended by the name "Ayiti" unnerves the Euro/US imperialists.

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Nonetheless, to name the country "Ayiti" simultaneously honors the spirit, the memory of the indigenous Haitian Taino/Arawak who lived on the land immediately before the white settlers' arrived.

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Africans and Caribbean Indians shared core religious beliefs and a history of oppression by their European conquerors….Escaped slaves fled to the mountains where they joined the indigenous Indian tribes in a resistance movement.

A free Haitian history resource that follows the format of Wikipedia. This site also contains source material.

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Dessalines simply codified this African concept of universal fraternity and brotherhood that is based on moral action in Haiti's founding Constitution.

Dessalines is so revered by Haitians, he is the ONLY one of the revolutionary heroes of Haiti, to become a Lwa.

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Vodou demands action. It demands a lot of: Work. Effort. Dedication. Discipline. Study. Research. I know people who possess enough accurate and systematized knowledge on the subject to rival that of any Harvard/Yale/MIT PhD in his or her respective field – and you would not believe what some people can DO. Or what God, Gineh, and the Lwa can do for a person. Do you want information about Vodou? There are two ways to obtain it: paying someone for it, or working for it. Working for it does not mean Googling and asking people online – that approach works for many other subjects, but not this one. Working for it could mean learning enough to be able to communicate directly with the Spirits that CAN tell you the story down to the smallest detail (oh, that would only take a couple of years at least) as they were there. Or traveling to Haiti. Just don’t expect to be handed information about the Tradition simply because you are curious and feel it ought to be given to you for free, and please do not try to bait people into giving it to you.

Until, that is, Dessalines came along with a greater demand, the bigger achievement - to make Haiti a Black ruled independent nation.

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Did the indigenous Haitian army of Jean Jacques Dessalines' era understand the term "Black" in the "autochthones" manner – that is, that the Blacks, those descendants of ancient Alkebulan who are today socially and politically labeled and identified as “Africans” where living in the Americas since time immemorial; where there in the Americas eons ago, as the original peoples on earth, before the one landmass on the earth was broken during the ice age and separated into continents?

From what schools teaches and from the images we see on TV, it appears the Native Americans are clearly of Asian/mongoloid descent and seem to have colonized the entire American continent from one end to the other as well as the Caribbean islands.