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And here we come to the connection between the religion of success and the religion of political correctness. Political correctness is a fig leaf for the competitive individualism of meritocratic neoliberalism, with its worship of success above all. It provides a moral cover beneath which undergraduates can prosecute their careerist projects undisturbed. Student existence may be understood as largely separated into two non-communicating realms: campus social life (including the classroom understood as a collective space), where the enforcement of political correctness is designed to create an emotionally unthreatening environment; and the individual pursuit of personal advancement, the real business going forward. The moral commitments of the first (which are often transient in any case) are safely isolated from the second.

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The Great Gatsby is all about time and the American dream; it is essentially what consumes Gatsby.

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Without this symbolism, the theme of the withering American Dream would have been less than adequate, and the book would have never attained the status and popularity among readers that it does today....

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Modern examples include the pedophile priest scandal, the endless line of Islamists ready to blow themselves up in the market place, the machete wielding Nigerian who hacks up his neighbors, the junta beating monks in Myanmar, the countries which have or want nuclear weapons and are ready to use them against religions enemies.

There are two reasons to be looking for information on Native American religions.

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None of them have anything to do with authentic Indian traditions,and anyone who thinks they do is likely to be wrong about anything else he claims about Native American religionsas well.

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He is not qualified to speakauthoritatively about Native American religion or culture, for he wasn't raised that way and doesn't have anymore knowledge about it than anyone else learning about it second-hand--including you.

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If you're trying to learn about American Indian religion because you want to become a part of it, though, younot only face that problem, but another, much deeper one as well: American Indian spirituality is not evangelistic.

During this time, priorities shifted from family and religion to success and spontaneous living.

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What I am getting at here is something else, the inherent capacity of our institutions - especially our religious institutions - to reach out to assimilated Jews without broadcasting a formal outreach message.

Religion is a methodical dance involving history, message, faith, as well as reconciliation with natural science.

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It needs to be underscored that, contrary to the new attitude that is taking hold in American Jewish life, the incidence of intermarriage cannot be measured as other departures from our religious norms are measured.

Regarding Native American religion and spirituality, however, we have decided to err on the side of caution instead.

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Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby The American Dream, a long standing ideal embodies the hope that one can achieve financial success, political power, and everlasting love through dedication and hard work.