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This section includes some of the more widely used anthologies that reproduce excerpts of previously published works by writers, essayists, travelers, and poets in environmental literature and culture. is as an early anthology used in environmental writing courses in the early to mid-1990s, during the early expansion of ecocriticism as a field. Another batch of anthologies emerged on the market in the late 1990s. diversifies the range of nature and environmental writers and even includes some international figures. is a comprehensive textbook and reader that differs from many of the readers in this list, which mainly reproduce experts of previously published material. Many of the earlier volumes—, , and even , the latter of which focuses on the origins of nature writing—resemble each other in content and approach. The later volumes, starting with , begin to address a wider range of “second wave” concerns. Coupe provides an extensive overview of literary periods in ecocriticism, beginning with the Romantics. is a volume devoted entirely to American environmental poetry. is the most recent and comprehensive reader in this list, except for perhaps , although it does not offer the pedagogical elements that does. A significant gap at the moment in ecocritical anthologies remains the lack of a complete anthology of environmental writers from around the globe.


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The environmental justice movement (EJM), later reduced to “ecojustice,” materialized out of other social justice and civil rights movements in the 1960s. Ecojustice aims to address environmental injustices from social and cultural perspectives. It recognizes that the same systems of oppressive and hierarchical power that disenfranchise humans also objectify the natural world. Ecocritics draw from these social and cultural perspectives to also write about environmental injustices depicted in literature and culture. links the Native American social justice movement to environmental justice as they both are depicted in literature. is a collection that broadly addresses ecojustice as a subject to be taught in literary and political studies; this collection remains the most useful text used in the teaching and researching of environmental justice. posits that climate change creates environmental injustice, what Nixon calls “slow violence,” for poor populations living in the Global South in ways that are almost invisible. explores the political ecologies and forms of injustice depicted in African literature and culture.

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Norwood, Vera L. “Heroines of Nature: Four Women Respond to the American Landscape.” In The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology. Edited by Cheryll Glotfelty and Harold Fromm, 323–350. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 1996.

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Breaks the historical writings of ecocriticism into two waves: nature and writing, and theoretical and political issues. This is the most contemporary reader providing a wide range of literature, as well as historical and philosophical essays, which critically outlines the ecocritical movement. This could also be used as a textbook.

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Adamson, Joni. American Indian Literature, Environmental Justice, and Ecocriticism: The Middle Place. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2001.

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Examines a “waste-oriented” material ecocriticism as a new way to address, manage, and theorize the abundance of waste in western societies. Unlike other titles in this list, this book explores a range of literary works, beginning with Beowulf and moving to writers like Samuel Beckett.