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Due to the uncertainties of the federal budget, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of University Programs has decided not to open the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program competition for the 2018 summer this fall. If funding becomes available, DHS may consider modifying the program to accommodate a compressed schedule. Please visit this page often for updates.

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Assignments will average in length from five to six pages will be 12 font and double spaced. For your third assignment you will analyze what you have learned throughout the course and apply it to what you found in the Top Secret America project. Given that there are almost one million people with Top Secret Clearances and over two million people with access to SECRET data how can collaboration opportunities among Law Enforcement entities Homeland Security and the International Community be expanded to improve Law Enforcement and
National Security capabilities?
A minimum of five references is required for each paper and will be prepared in accordance with Modern Language Association (MLA) standards for format citing and documentation of references etc. as detailed below.

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Next, read and evaluate the research of the Department of Homeland Security report: “Right-wing extremism: Current economic and political climate fueling resurgence in radicalization and recruitment.” This report provides an assessment of the threat of homegrown extremism from right wing groups.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Homeland Security and Public Safety Administration
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Prerequisites: HMLS 302 and HMLS 406. A real-world assessment of the issues involved in responding to homeland security critical incidents. The aim is to prepare for future challenges, integrate critical incident responses at all levels, and analyze the effect of regulations and laws on critical incident response. Discussion covers historical and potential incidents as they relate to resources, cooperation, politics, regulations, operations, and post incident response.

Chapter 4 shows the actions of homeland security, and the steps they take toward a problem to access it.

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The Public Safety Administration Forum promotes the sharing of information about UMUC courses and activities related to emergency management and homeland security. It also offers a repository for career information, including job opportunities. Members have access to a current listing of conference and seminar opportunities. Finally, the forum provides its members with information on the International Association of Emergency Managers USA Student Region, UMUC Chapter.

Homeland security risk and preparedness in police agencies: The insignificance of actual risk factors.Police Quarterly, 17(1), 30-53.

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Prerequisite: HMLS 302. An examination of the fundamentals of strategic planning, necessary for the maintenance of domestic security and the operation of the homeland security organization in the public and private sectors. The goal is to develop and analyze homeland security strategic plans. Topics include organizational priorities, planning documents, policy development, legislation, financial operations, and the evaluation process. Analysis covers threat, risk, vulnerability, probability, and impact as parameters for decision making and resource allocation.