: Linguistic text surveying the grammar of Amerindian languages.

The topic on sociolinguistics is quite useful for students, because it is interesting to be aware about the peculiarities of the functioning of the language in different countries, parts of a country, social class, etc. A successful term paper on sociolinguistics is a research of the broad problem and explanation of its major issues. The student is obliged to describe the most important aspects of the discipline, present the field of the research, the methodology, the purposes and achievements of the study. In the end one should conclude the paper professionally and evaluate the usefulness of the discipline for the human society.

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However, the language variants of the NORMs all over a country are definitely not the standard.

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In fact, exact translations do not even exist from one language to another because every dialect possesses unique aspects that have come about from centuries of social change and interaction....

Native Languages of the Americas:

See our new page explaining the truth behind some of the incorrect "theories" floating around the web about Native American languages, cultures, and history.

There are around 25 million native speakers of the more than 800 surviving Amerind languages.

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the linguistic system evidenced when a second language learner attempts to express meanings in the language being learned, is a central source of evidence for investigating these mental processes....

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Taking genre analysis to be the study of how language is used in a particular context, this category of non-literary genre falls within a growing body of written texts exhibiting much of what may be considered Cameroonian peculiarities in English usage.

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This research mainly focuses on the order of the acquisition of different structural properties of a language and the process by which they acquire these properties.

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principles of sociolinguistics ( Wardaugh and Bell) the cumulative principle - as much data as possible about languages in use must be collected the uniformation principle - the basic causes of language change, internal structural influences and external shifts in style, have not changed in recorded history diachronic linguistics - the study of t...

It investigates the individual and social variations in the flow or development of language.

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Power in discourse analysis is the use of language in a discourse allowing the person who acquires knowledge and high status in the discourse takes control of the discourse thus having the higher power.

: Well-researched encyclopedia of American place names and their Indian language etymologies.

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Nonetheless, little study has been undertaken to shed light on language profile around sociolinguistic question of “who speaks what language to whom, when, where and why” (Fishman, 1972) on mother-tongue Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong.