This was the turning point in my life.

Freedom implies responsibility for one's actions. You can't pick and choose between those two. And the government sees the removal of privacy as necessary to give the people what they want.

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Logic as the Question Concerning the Essence of Language . Translated by Wanda Torres Gregory and Yvonne Unna, Albany, State University of New York Press, 2009.

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What's dangerous about this trend is that there is a certain breaking point (don't know if we've hit it yet or not) where freedoms in a society become meaningless as the actions they afford are trumped by the same society's desire to have no consequences.

Schelling's Treatise on the Essence of Human Freedom. . Translated by Joan Stambaugh, Athens, Ohio University Press, 1984.

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On the Essence of Language . Translated by Wanda Torres Gregory and Yvonne Unna, Albany, State University of New York Press, 2004.

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are not the best ideas to present in turning point essays, let us offer other ways to manage your assignment.

The thing is that turning points essays can be less personal. Thousands of turning points happen outside your life as well. Here is a short list of turning points for consideration.

Turning points in lives of other people

Take any famous person as an example, investigate his/her biography, and write your turning points essay about big events in the life of this person.

Turning points in specific events

Yes, events also have their turning point, which gives you another way of completing your turning points essay. For instance, tell about turning points in the Vietnam War or any other event you are interested in. Or, look at the topic in broader terms and write about turning points in history.

Turning points in the life of countries

Do you think the recent earthquake in Haiti was a turning point for the country? We suppose it was. Write what the life in Haiti was and will be like after this turning point.

You can find more ideas in articles about a and .

I feel that I could give up a little freedom to save a persons life. If this goverment security saves one life, then it's a success.

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Having read all of the comments, I would like to add:
I think to a degree people are kind of missing the point. Bruce is talking about control. Think of all the minute ways in which the powerful and corrupt [be it government of free enterprise] have control over your life. Can you drink legally in public? You can in just about every other "democracy" in the world. How about the news? TV programs? Education?
Of course the last one is the key, several comments were made about the collective ineptitude of the voting public with regards to Bush and rights, etc. It is no coincidence. The "neo-con" movement have been targeting education for de-funding since the 60's. This is no conspiracy, they knew then, that an uneducated or under-educated electorate is more easy to control. Hence, why the corporate media is not held to it broadcasting agreements of providing for the public good, they are "censoring" news that is unfavorable to corporations and those in control.
Control [power] is the motivating factor in all of this, security is the anti-thesis of terrorism, it is a weapon or a shield depending on your point of view. I WOULD argue that most screening is irrelevant. Aside from TNT connected to a clock, or a gun on my person there is virtually nothing stopping a motivated individual from acting. An analogy I recently used: A gun in the hands of a cop is good, a gun in the hands of murderer is bad. Why are we looking for the gun, not the murderer?

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Upon my return to the United States, I brought with me an enhanced cultural awareness, a greater understanding of the international scientific community, a wealth of knowledge, as well as numerous life-long friendships.