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Sometimes it may seem that there isn't enough time to do everything that you need to. This can lead to a build up of stress. When revising for examinations, or during your final year when you have to combine the pressures of intensive study with finding time to apply for jobs good management of your time can be particularly important. Once we have identified ways in which we can improve the management of our time, we can begin to adjust our routines and patterns of behaviour to reduce any time-related stress in our lives.

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It's important that you develop effective strategies for managing your time to balance the conflicting demands of time for study, leisure, earning money and jobhunting. Time management skills are valuable in jobhunting, but also in many other aspects of life: from revising for examinations to working in a vacation job.

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"The knowledge obtained fromaccurate time study, for example, is a powerful implement, andcan be used, in one case to promote harmony between workmen andthe management, by gradually educating, training, and leading theworkmen into new and better methods of doing the work, or in theother case, it may be used more or less as a club to drive theworkmen into doing a larger day's work for approximately the samepay that they received in the past." [17] Scientific Study andstandardization were important parts of the ScientificManagement.

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