supports 19 women’s sports with institutional scholarships.

The organization implements a straightforward scholarship program that designates the total number of scholarships that may be issued within each individual athletic discipline. Baseball, for instance, receives an annual allocation funding 12 full-ride scholarships. Awards can be split and shared, but may not exceed the total assigned quantity. Junior Varsity financial aid does not impact totals, and students sometimes qualify academically – excusing them from the athletic scholarship limits.

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NCAA scholarship initiatives currently include these financial aid options for student athletes:


is open to students whose academic pursuits lead to degrees that are preparatory for careers as sports administrators. Twenty-six awards are dispensed each school year; thirteen to women and thirteen to ethinic minority applicants. Each award is worth $6000, and six scholarships are reserved for qualified Division III candidates annually.

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Supplemental awards for student athletes are aimed at textbooks, transportation, room and board, fees and portions of tuition that remain unpaid after other forms of aid are exhausted. Don’t sell yourself short: Pursue athletic scholarships whenever possible – even partial awards bridge affordability gaps for qualified student athletes.

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Athletic scholarships target athletes from a wide range of individual and team sports. Football, basketball, baseball and other mainstream programs receive the lion’s share of attention from campus athletic directors – in part because these highly-visible spectator sports bring revenue to university athletic departments. Financial aid opportunities also exist for students who participate in less-recognized sports programs.

Scholarships for women are included within stable of athletic financial aid.

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Division III schools are limited by the NCAA in the amount of athletic scholarship assistance they can provide, yet most Division III colleges remain deeply vested in promoting competitive sports programs on-campus. As a result, smaller schools try to attract athletic prospects who also have great academic records. According to the , a voluntary NCAA commitment clearinghouse, Division I and II schools offer athletic scholarships, while Division III institutions are limited to academics-based awards only. If your academic record sets you apart from other athletes at your Division III school, you may be eligible for academic resources that serve your athletic ambitions.