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So much of the federal taxes are heading towards social security retirement benefits and Medicare insurance which is ruling out the education and other programs for every citizen (Sullivan).

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Ambivalence is a dilemmatic situation where an individual is unable to make a choice between two opposite courses of action. Socialized ambivalence is vivid in Johnson’s ‘The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man’. Throughout the novel, the narrator has problems with embracing his identity upon the realization that he was not white. (“Meet Me in St Louis: The Classic”). When he fell in love with a white woman, the decision of revealing that he was black did not only shun the woman away, but also stole happiness from him at that time. It illustrates the consequences that suffered him after the incident.

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Meanwhile, the Democrats passed ObamaCare (patterned on RomneyCare in Massachusetts), in great measure because of the (rent-seeking) support of Insurance Companies, which were promised a captive audience of consumers to buy their insurance -- and protected by the law from financial losses they might suffer from the irrationalities and diseconomies of socialized medicine.

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