I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Hi Liz,
I am bit confused with opinion essays and agree disagree opinion essay.
firstly how can I differentiate between the two.
secondly, in this essay both the sides are discussed advantages and disadvantages and the conclusion is somehow neutral where as, there is another agree disagree opinion essay regarding obesity and health in that whole essay was focused on the opinion.
could you please assist me with this.
Thanks in advance

You may want to highlight you accomplishments, goals and dreams.

You may prefer to write about something specific or a single unique experience.

You may have absolutely no idea where to start.

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who were trying to decompile the worm and understand it.

On the other hand, countries must think about future because it is very essential to grow in world. Good educational and health centers should be in all areas then people cannot face trible hurdles. Moreover, we are living in competitive era .Therefore education is very pivotal for everyone .

A Cornell University Report by Ted Eisenberg, et al.

Hi liz, thanks for the good work. In writing task 2 essays, can I have the main ideas in the introductory paragraph while they are developed in the body paragraphs?

He was found guilty on 22 Jan 1990and appealed, but the U.S.

The e-mail has one attachment which contains a copy of the Sircam worm followed by the contents of a file with file type or from the folder on the victim's computer.

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Published on: February 06, 2017

I'm outta here. Such an insertion was a deliberate modification of data files on the victim's hard drive, an unauthorized tampering with the victim's document files.

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Actually, the defense attorney's statement is ludicrous.

Corporate victims of computer crimes are often reluctant to disclose the amount of damage done, perhaps because such admissions might erode public confidence in the company's technical competence, which might cause customers/clients to flee to competitors.

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The filename and left extension of the attachment was identical to the copied file from the victim's machine, Sircam then added a second file extension: either , , , , or , which made the attachment an executable file type.