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His refusal to assist the West Indies through this round in its fight for political integration had a very debilitating, long-lasting and irreversible effect on the body politic of the region.

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Chapter VI provides an analytical justification for promoting integration and cooperation initiatives in the region, and suggests a number of actions that could be taken to enhance the development prospects of CARICOM.

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Chapter II offers an overview of the regional integration process, including progress on intra-regional trade liberalization, the deepening and the widening of CARICOM.

ed., Ethnicity, Social Structure, and National Identities in the Caribbean: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoetink.

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The resources of each country were limited

The Caribbean countries all faced similar economic, political and social problems

The Caribbean countries share a common history, culture and people.

Individual countries were too small to make their presence felt on the world stage

The above issues faced by the Caribbean countries require common solutions, thus integration was inevitable.

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Saana’s contribution to the event outlined key avenues for reflection when it comes to supporting regional integration in developing countries. Drawing on its extensive in-house expertise in designing regional integration support programmes, Saana’s Tom Pengelly and Quentin de Roquefeuil argued that reflection could usefully take place along three dimensions: focus, governance and delivery.

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The scholarship on regionalism is fairly developed. The antecedents to contemporary scholarship can be traced to the late 1940s when scholars became particularly interested in the notion of regional integration and regional security institutions in the aftermath of World War II (). This early literature tended to be as descriptive and prescriptive as theoretical, whereas the subsequent literature has been divided between those engaged in heated theoretical debates and those treating regional security as a policy issue. has had an outsized impact on the study of regional security owing to the authors’ elaboration and empirical application of the concept of regional security complexes. also draws on the concept of regional security complexes in a comparative study of the major regional systems, while places regional security into the general framework of the “new regionalism.” introduces the concept of “porous regional orders” to explore American agency in shaping Asia and Europe as regions. treats regional security orders as the joint product of domestic and interstate coalition formation, while is preoccupied with the problem of institutional design. generalizes power transition theory to capture the dynamic of regional security systems, while represents the major strands of international relations (IR) theory and comprehensive accounting of the rising saliency of regional security systems despite the countervailing imperative of globalization.

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CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME)
The history of the CSME can be traced back to 1968, with the establishment of the Caribbean Free Trade Area (CARIFTA) which served the limited purpose of removing tariffs and other barriers to intra-regional trade in goods.
In 1973, the integration process was deepened, through the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas which included provisions to create a form of Common Market in the region.
To the pre-existing arrangements to support the liberalisation of trade in goods was added the establishment of a common external-tariff, designed to provide some measure of protection to regional industries.
The 1973 Treaty also contained provisions relating to the removal of restrictions in respect of the establishment of businesses, provision of services, the movement of capital and the coordination of economic policies.
In the ensuing years, some of the principal Caribbean economies, under the auspices of multilateral lending institutions, implemented structural adjustment programmes having at their core, programmes of economic, financial and trade liberalisation that far exceeded their commitments as expressed in the Treaty of Chaguaramas.

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The Association of Caribbean States is a union of nations centered on the Caribbean Basin.