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We here behold the greatest miracle of all, and call it"Revelation." How it became possible to turn it into aState-religion for Romish Cæsars and Inquisitors, we shall have toconsider in later course of this essay; our present attention isclaimed by the wellnigh consequential evolution of those mythswhose ultimate exuberance defaced the dogma of the Church withartificiality, yet offered fresh ideals to Art

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample national thesis database

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample

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For Supernaturalists and Rationalists alike religion was held to be "a way of knowing and worshipping the Deity", but consisting chiefly, for the Rationalists, in the observance of God's law.

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample

In the third phase Rationalists had reached the point of allowing the possibility of mistakes having been made by Christ and the Apostles, at any rate with regard to non-essential parts of religion.

Islam as a religion of peace essay sample

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Beside this crude and popular form it has taken, for which the publication of cheap reprints and a vigorous propaganda are mainly responsible, there runs the deeper and more thoughtful current of critical-philosophical Rationalism, which either rejects religion and revelation altogether or treats them in much the same manner as did the Germans.

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The element of rationalism is clear in Socrates (who nevertheless heard voices), strong in the Renaissance, and overwhelming in recent religious humanism (considering that the "surpreme aim" of many religions, like Christianity and Buddhism, is Salvation).

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It has become connected in the popular mind with the shallow and misleading philosophy frequently put forward in the name of science, so that a double confusion has arisen, in which; questionable philosophical speculations are taken for scientific facts, and science is falsely supposed to be in opposition to religion.This Rationalism is now rather a spirit, or attitude, ready to seize upon any arguments, from any source and of any or no value, to urge against the doctrines and practices of faith.

to combat the rationalistic tendency developed by some of the Oxford Essays and the spirit ..

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This form of religious dogma is counterproductive, dangerous, and vicious and reveals that an element of religious humanism, and rationalism, is not always a bad idea.

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This philosophy and its method exerted a profound influence upon contemporaneous German religious thought, providing it with a rationalistic point of view in theology and exegesis.