Papa John's was quick to congratulate Williams on her achievement.

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New York City’s top public schools must become more diverse.

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If you live off-campus, you will incur costs for traveling daily to class and then back home. If you have a car to get to classes, consider the costs of gas, insurance and maintenance. You can work part-time while you attend college, to help pay the bills, but this leaves less time to study, which will affect your grades.

“Oh dang!” squawked the turkey. “Wrong house!”

You will usually require a computer for college. Laptops are often needed, while some college professors prefer the use of tablets. If you don’t live on-campus, you will have to pay for a connection to the Internet, so you can pick up your assignments, study and turn them in.

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Room for Debate asks whether shorefront homeowners should have to open their land to all comers.

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Whether you are female or male, single or married, have won other scholarships or not, you have a great chance to win with strange scholarships. There are some scholarships you can only win if you live in a certain state, and almost every state has a few. In addition, you can often win state-specific scholarships if you will be attending college in that state. It all depends on the scholarship eligibility rules.

“Well, you see, I’m not a big as my other friends. You shall need to fatten me up.”

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Who would think of submitting a rap album as their final year dissertation? Well, a. Well, a 20-year-old Harvard University student, Obasi Shaw from Atlanta did. In his 10-track album titled Liminal Minds, each song focuses on the black identity in America. The album was awarded the second highest grade in the department – a summa cum laude minus, equivalent to an A- here in

The turkey did have a point, so the hunter got out his wife’s grooming kit and began to groom.

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Have your letter-writers highlight things that make you unique and speak about your strengths. Some facts to include might be your work with volunteer projects and charitable organizations, or your academic successes.