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In September of 2006, an independent study was commissioned by The Children’s Society, a children’s charity, to “renew society’s understanding of modern childhood and to inform, improve and inspire” parent-child relationships....

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Parent-child relationships can bring joy and security but also pain and restrictions.

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Because of these long-lasting effects, theparent-child relationship is one of the most important developmental factorsfor the child (Miller & Lane in Berryman-Fink, et al., 1993).Parental attitudes towards their children have a strong impact on thechild's developing sense of self and self-esteem, with parental warmthand support being key factors for the child (Richards, Gitelson, Petersen,& Hartig, 1991).

for my paper is that of relationship between parents and children.

Most social workers trying to determine the likelihood of removal evaluate the type and severity of abuse, as well as the child’s relationship with their parents (Benbenishty et al., 2002)....

I have chosen to explore the effects of daycare on the parent-child relationship.

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While one may not sit and observe the relationship between the parent and child, some may wonder how the parent interacts with the child when at home or in a different public setting.

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This particular relationship is very important for the child from birth because it helps the child to be able to understand moral and values of life that should be taught by the parent(s).

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This is significant because…It can be said that children’s healthy development can be affected by a child’s relationship with their parent, their parents competence, and their family’s social and economic support rather than the gender of their parents....

This essay builds upon influences on the well-being of parents and children.

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Show how the poets bring out their feelings through use of theme, language, imagery and structure The relationship between parent and child is one of great mystery and also profundity.

The parent-child relationship has effects on developmentthat last well into adulthood.

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In reality attachment style stays with a child up until adulthood because they sustain relationships with their parents and also develop new ones with friends and romantic partners to have emotional and intimate support (Black & Schutte, 2006)....

Many Greek and Roman myths contain twisted relationships between parents and children.

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Which is increasingly used as a synonym for “happiness”, covers both physical and psychological, well-being as well as the quality of relationships between parents and the quality of parent-child relationships.