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Tigger, I think there is indeed a strain within trans sctivism (and, more generally, gay male culture as epitomized by drag) that truly does hate women so much that they feel driven to re-make what womanhood IS.

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Some years before all this kicked off I employed a woman plumber to do some work. Since only very determined women can bear to put up with the sort of ribbing (or, indeed, oppression) they get in classrooms full of boys/men also learning “men’s skills” like plumbing, women plumbers, heating engineers etc have – in my experience – a tendency to be more skilled and reliable than your average male plumber.

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I’m no diplomat, not a student of feminist/trans texts, so it’s very likely these observations will be shot down in flames. I apologise in advance.

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A typical version of the first claim goes something like :

Bestiality. Engaging in sexual acts with animals. Specific preference for sexual acts with animals that result in exclusive, repeated events are termed Zoophilia.

You are okay just the way you are.

There is no clear understanding of the causation of paraphilic conditions. Behavioral therapists believe a possible causation is the association of objects, acts, or trauma to young children while they experience some form of sexual excitement or gratification. For example, there are case studies of men who have a female shoe fetish. When hypnotized, the majority of these individuals relate a story of being purposely sexual aroused by an adult female using her feet to rub their genitals when they were children. This approach seems to explain some of the fetishes in individuals; however, other forms of paraphilia appear to have deeper issues of control, trauma, and isolation.

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Clinicians become aware of individuals with a paraphilia due to the obsessive nature of the condition. Either individuals are experiencing profound issues affecting their daily functioning or their behaviors have become publicly inappropriate and they experience legal intervention. Paraphilia may result in an individual’s inability to sustain intimate relationships with others. This result could be because of their sexual preferences being so outside the norm that most people would find their acts offensive. What is more common is individuals with a paraphilia having spent their developing years hiding their desires from others and in their adulthood creating a sexual universe of one, themselves. Many individuals with paraphilias connect with others who have the same sexual desires. The recent advent of the Internet has made this connection much easier as well as international in focus. Law enforcement is confronting these issues with the international trafficking of child pornography by pedophiles.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

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Someone who learns a “male” trade like plumbing as a man does not go through the same alienating experience that a woman would learning plumbing etc amongst a group of typical teenagers or men. They will not be the sort of person who would have given up unless utterly determined to learn that skill. It is very likely that they will be a no better than average plumber as a result. In that sense my friend was right to mention that this person used to be a man, as my assumption that they were a woman plumber and hence would probably do a better than average job was incorrect.

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Rare Forms of Paraphilia. Apotemnophilia (Acrotomophilia) refers to sexual pleasure involving amputees. Telephone Scatalogia is sexual pleasure from obscene phone calls. Coprophilia is sexual pleasure from contact with feces, and Urophilia is sexual pleasure from contact with urine. Necrophilia involves sexual gratification from viewing or having sex with a corpse.