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My three wishes would consist of : To be content in life , ..

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Make your three wishes something along this line:1. Something for your family(like, I wish for more family gatherings, with lots of food and good times)2. Something for your neighbors/society(I wish for a better economy, that business to open here and create new jobs, or a park for everyone to enjoy)3. Something for yourself(this is where you can get greedy but meaningful)If you always make your wishes about those three things you won’t seem shallow, that you really care about things around you. Even if you don’t mean it, I’m sure you’ll get a better grade on your paper.

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Well, if I had three wishes, I would wish for peace (or some global issue to be resolved), then, I would wish to help my family, financialy, medically, etc. My third wish would be to have three more wishes. Have fun with the essay, hope this helps.

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Here we are with essay on What I Wish for My Country describing about the wishes for my country to make it a better place to live and cherish.

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