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I have been feeling like I am stuttering. My husband says its like I have been drinking and I din't drink. I always have bloating and cramping and my muscles and joints ach all the time. I also feeel like I don;t get any sleep even when I have slept for 8-10 hours. One other one that I have noticed recently is my vision is blurred and foggy.

Female, age 16
Symptoms: CFS/ME, fatigue, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, stomach pains, abdominal pains, headaches, jaundiced eyes, pale skin, nausea

Impact of Muscle Fatique to Sport Performance Essay

martinbristol Symptoms: fatigue, nausea, flushed face, muscle twitching, yellow stools

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I had GS diagnosed at about 30 after complaining of fatigue, dizziness and "brain fog" and awful need to sleep... My "usual" doctor, when I complained of fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness etc, would put it down to stress, overwork and so on. He'd give me calcium and magnesium (which tended to help), a few days of rest and send me on my way. When the symptoms got really bad, specially dizziness, brain fog and lack of concentration. I quite often get small muscle tremors and twitches (in eyelids, fingers and so on) but these have always been diagnosed as indicating a "lack of magnesium" and not as being related to GS.

muscle fatigue after prednisone,Your health is important.

Age 46
Symptoms: liver/gallbladder pain, pale stools, nausea, jaundice, weight loss, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, itchy feet, cold feet, swollen hands, mouth ulcers, hair loss, cold sores, slow healing, unexplained bruising

nickadiemus Symptoms: loss of appetite, nausea, jaundiced eyes, weight loss, anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, bloodshot eyes
Investigation of variables for monitoring muscle fatigue in EMG recordings

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Symptoms: poor memory, trouble finding the right words, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, metallic taste in mouth, sore throat, indigestion, chest pain, insomnia, waking in a panic, POTS, tiredness, heart palpitations, chronic indigestion, liver/gallbladder pain, tingling in legs, headaches, sick feeling, lump in the throat, tingly tongue

This paper shall discuss the impact of muscle fatigue on sports performance

muscle fatigue after prednisone,Your health is ..

I was diagnosed last year (sept/01) with Gilberts. I'm 25 years old. I've had stomach problems for as long as I can remember. I was told I had IBS (my mother has IBS). This was untrue. I use to get stomach so bad I was doubling over and had to lie down. I was also fatigued all the time. Never had any energy, and couldn't have my stomach touched. Pain pills did and still do absolutely nothing for the pain. I take Milk Thistle and have been prescibed Elavil to relax my stomach muscles. The severe pain I use to have is gone. I don't get fatigued like I use to… I get depressed when my stomach pain flares up. Usually from something I ate, but sometimes I can't put it down to anything I had eaten or done.

Symptoms: nausea, fatigue, dizziness, loss of consciousness, upper abdominal pains

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Statin drugs have many adverse side effects, but probably the mostfrequent complaints concern muscle pain and muscle weakness. In thisessay, I have developed a physiological explanation for the mechanismresponsible for this side effect. It is due to the fact that statinsinterfere with the synthesis of not only cholesterol, but alsocoenzyme Q10 and the dolichols. Statins also reduce the bioavailabilityto the cells of both fatty acids and all dietary antioxidants, due tothe sharp reduction in serum levels of LDL, which delivers theseessential nutrients to the cells.