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We are seeing the emergence of a "chemical prison industry" that uses forced drugging as a supplement or even replacement for steel bars and concrete. However, many of these drugs can cause brain damage, and even kill.

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Essay on mental health recovery

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the forensic mental health counseling is a field where a young specialist can have great opportunities for the scientific investigation. Taking into consideration the fact that legal, psychological health counseling has remained under-researched, specialists working in this field can start their research, and they will likely succeed in their scientific studies are appropriately conducted because forensic mental health counseling is a particular field different from traditional mental health counseling, for instance.

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Besides, it is particularly interesting to study in forensic mental health counseling because the study provides abundant opportunities to deal with very interesting or extreme cases can hardly be encountered in traditional mental health counseling. Naturally, this may impose particular difficulties on the researcher and raise new challenges since it may be more challenging to work in forensic mental health counseling compared to conventional one, but these problems will create the basis for the professional growth and the development of the professional working in this field.

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A number of prison justice groups are eager to hear from psychiatric survivor/mental health consumer groups about questions and suggestions about how to work more closely together.

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Today, a number of prison justice groups sure have their hands full, with so many struggles. I notice that often in their positions there is a brief mention of mental health, and unfortunately it becomes a sound bite such as "more mental health programs in prison," or "more diversion programs from prison to mental health."

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Illustrating the complexity of language, the APA has found itself terribly divided internally about this next edition, and therefore they've delayed publication at least a year, to 2013. The main editor of DSM-IV, Allen Frances, . After public pressure, including by MFI, the APA opened up a bit, and has created a to gather public comments about its draft.

We then hear the statement from those calling for more funding for the current mental health system,

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Rosa Parks, sitting on a bus in the segregated south and refusing to give up her seat, was not 'passive.' Her calm dignity that day was in fact 'staring in hungry pursuit' of justice, connected to a powerful movement.

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For me personally, the environmental movement has helped our "mad movement" a great deal. That is because in recent decades, environmental scientists have produced convincing evidence that what is called "normal" behavior in our society is leading to the destruction of our planetary ecosystem, and an untold number of species. In other words, the similarities between so-called "normal" people and so-called "mad" people may be far greater than the differences.

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Let's take them up on the offer. Let's help democracy get hands on with prison justice and mental health. Let's submit essays and articles to prison justice publications. Let's show up at prison justice events. Let's work together for a vision of a nonviolent revolution in not only the mental health system, but also the prison justice system.