CH2KE: Internet security (and ponies) for all.

2. In the book I need a word for the Internet plus the things connected to it plus all the data and processing in the cloud. I'm using the word "Internet+," and I'm not really happy with it. I don't want to invent a new word, but I need to strongly signal that what's coming is much more than just the Internet -- and I can't find any existing word. Again, I'm taking suggestions in blog comments.

Not a serious suggestion, but "The Internet of Insecure Weapons"

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As for Internet+, I always pictured "World Wide Web" as the content, meta-data and related information whereas the "Internet" is the infrastructure that it sits atop. With that in mind, World Wide Web has the connotation that you're looking for - although I suppose many relate WWW to websites and HTML exclusively.

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This is my favorite suggestion. My second-favorite suggestion is to be very German about it (German is cool again, see any of those 'Top 10 words missing in English' listicles): "Gestalt-Internet" or "Gestalternet".

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the new word should be fresh and creating new neural pathways. not 1990's memes like internet and www. we're nightmares beyond all that
(at risk of appearing flippant: JG4 mentioned the original Total Recall film. I'm thinking the original Robocop film may bring inspiration)

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Thank you for sharing this, Kelly! This was very inspiring and makes me suddenly extremely proud to be a part of this new age – where women are strongly active on the Internet!

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Also, going with the astronomy theme, a Nebula (or Nebulae), which is an interstellar cloud of dust and gases. The Andromeda Galaxy was once referred to as a nebula. They vary in sizes and can be light years wide. They are also barely visible from Earth.

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I passed your building this summer heading to my internship with Susan G. Komen and immediately spent some time on your Web site. I don’t believe the blog was up and running then, but now I am so thankful it is! I am currently studying PR at UT, and have loved reading about your boutique style, focus on women, and the clear creativity you use in your work.

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How about, for #2, the Troposphere, since that is the layer of the atmosphere where most of the clouds are. Or make a portmanteau word, Troponet, Intertrope, or Intersphere to combine that with internet.

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my humble suggestion
Title introduction : Everybody is Becoming a Computer, a litlle bit more provocative
for Part 2: securing the future : the way forward
to replace the word Internet+, I would suggest : WeAreAllNet

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If I understand you, the need is for the "Internet as a system" point of view. Securing the individual pieces only helps until the weakest link is identified. Treating it as a "whole", including cloud and endpoints, has not yet been named or labeled to the best of my knowledge. Suggesting "Internet System" seems to trivialize it.