'Protect Your Privacy on the Internet', Wiley, 1997

Until privacy becomes a principal concern for Internet users, they remain unsafe, easy targets for deceitful scammers, other users, data collectors, and more....

'Privacy on the Internet' (June 1996), at

In 1997 the government passed the Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act.

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It is farfrom adequately protected against current, let alone near-future, threats.The Internet provides a whole new set of specific ways in which people'sprivacy may be intruded upon, and adds new dimensions to existing problems.

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A school of thought exists thatsuggests that the Internet, together with these tools, will fundamentally alterthe balance of power between individuals and organisations.* Aspects of the Internet's architecture are capable of being adapted in order toencourage, and perhaps even mandate, privacy-protective patterns. These approaches all have merit, and all are likely to make a contribution to aless privacy-invasive, and more privacy-protective Internet environment.

Well that is what it will be like if users do not have the privacy on the Internet they deserve.

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"Privacy regulation is just one more category of governmentinterference in the market, which after all is much betterat weighing individuals' relative preferences for privacyand everything else than bureaucratic rules could ever be."
Although we should certainly pay attention if anybody can proveempirically that the market actually does function to protectprivacy in accord with people's actual wishes, nonetheless whentaken in the abstract this argument involves several fallacies.

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The surprised me, because Google collects all of your information to show you more targeted advertising. Surveillance is the business model of the Internet, and Google is one of the most successful companies at that. To claim that Google protects your privacy better than anyone else is to profoundly misunderstand why Google stores your data for free in the first place.

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The outcome of such exercises is virtually preordained --some privacy protections, but none that affect the interests ofthe largest and most organized privacy invaders in any materialway.

The concept of privacy converts to the notion of information in the world of internet.

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About 68% of internet users' in America believe that the current laws that are in place are not good enough in protecting people's online privacy, according to a report on Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online....

This section provides a brief overview of policy aspects of privacyprotection on the Internet.

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The task of our first Module lies in clarifying two things: (1) Why do we care about informational "privacy" --especially Privacy in Cyberspace? What values does privacy protect? and (2) What are the legal sources that will help inform our decisions about what protection should be given online privacy? In addition, (3) we have prepared a short tutorial on how the internet works because many of the issues arising in Cyberspace depend on understanding the technological possibilities for tracking online behavior.

The secondfallacy is the automatic conclusion that people have no privacyinterest in things that happen in a public place.

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And so an information infrastructure --Internet payment systems, for example -- that does not protectprivacy might well get entrenched in the market before any largenumber of actual or potential customers becomes fully aware ofthe privacy issues that are at stake.